Drink, Eat, NYC, 2016-10-17

Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane


Holiday break in Mallorca READ MORE

Palma de Mallorca, Stay, Travel Guide, 2016-09-26

Holiday break in Mallorca

Five days in Mallorca Waking up at 4am doesn’t sound half as bad when you know you’re heading to Mallorca for a perfect little end of summer holiday. We had a 7am flight in Brussels with Jetairfly (soon to be Tuifly) and what I liked most about flying with Tuifly is the way they dim… Read more »

Why you need a butcher’s block READ MORE

Make, Tools, 2016-09-19

Why you need a butcher’s block

Big or small, every kitchen needs a butcher’s block For me, the beating heart of a home is the kitchen. It’s the space where I experiment and often make a crazy mess. One year ago I moved into a cozy flat in London with my partner, as most of them don’t have a sea of space. It is… Read more »


Announcements, Contests, 2016-09-12

Gäst – by IKEA

Who doesn’t like a great dinner party with friends? Everyone right! And what if I tell you, you can give a dinner party without making an endless list of ingredients that you still have to go get at the supermarkt. That you don’t have to make sure you have the right decorations and candels. And… Read more »

Bombay Sapphire READ MORE

Drink, London, Visit, 2016-09-12

Bombay Sapphire

A Distillery tour There are many perks to working at the Gallery Bar in Ace Hotel but being able to go to various distillery tours and trainings, as a cocktail lover, has to be my favorite. First off, getting to the Bombay Sapphire distillery is relatively easy. It’s located right outside of London and is… Read more »

Frankfurt READ MORE

Eat, Stay, Travel Guide, 2016-06-27


FRANKFURT AM MAIN It’s always the same cities we write about. Therefor we believed it was time to make a city trip to cities which are a less obvious choice. We started with Rotterdam and the second one was Frankfurt! You’ll all have heard of Frankfurt, the financial heart of Europe.  Does it have more to offer? Yes… Read more »

Why go to Best Kept Secret? READ MORE

Listen, Reviews, 2016-06-13

Why go to Best Kept Secret?

This weekend it is time for another edition of Best Kept Secret. In between a lake and the woods you can dance to names such as Jamie XX, Caribou, Explosions in the sky, Two Door Cinema  Yeasayer, Bloc Party and many many more… Have a listen to their Spotify playlist and discover who’s performing. It… Read more »

Amsterdam North READ MORE

Amsterdam, Drink, Eat, Travel Guide, 2016-04-18

Amsterdam North

If you’ve been to Amsterdam before there is a high chance you have visited the historical city centre with its famous canals. However, if you’re planning a(nother) trip to the Dutch capital and you’re in for something different, apart from the touristic spots, you have got to visit Amsterdam North. Just a 5 minute boat… Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2016-04-11

The Monday Playlist

Drinking wine, feeling fine. I’ve been in an exceptionally good mood as of late, why you ask ? A lady never tells but all you need to know is that I want to dance non-stop. This playlist does just that. Some sensuous numbers (because of that good mood I was talking about, you know), some… Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2016-03-29

The Monday Playlist

This Tuesday playlist pulls out the best songs from Kindness’s LIFE playlist, Poldoore’s Beats On Demand playlist and the excellent Spotify Discover Weekly. It’s got plenty of spring vibes, and it’s the perfect background music for an Easter Monday brunch. My favorite tune is Techno Disco by Kerrier District, an absolute bum shaker when you’re… Read more »

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