Make, Meal, 2016-02-01

Mocha crème with cardamom & date syrup


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The Monday Playlist

The Monday Playlist


Breakfast smoothie READ MORE

Meal, 2016-01-25

Breakfast smoothie

Blend your breakfast By adding oats and a banana you turn your smoothie into a proper breakfast. Ready in 5 minutes and you won’t feel like snacking the entire morning. Although a couple of nuts or a piece of fruit won’t kill you. A good smoothie starts with a decent blender. Nothing is worse than… Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2016-01-25

The Monday Playlist

So, January 2016 is ready for its last week. Crazy how time flies that fast when you’re having fun! In this first month, loads of albums I’m looking forward to got their release date. I’m quite sure 2016 will be an awesome year when it comes to music. That’s why I chose to pick seven… Read more »

Pasta dei Balcani READ MORE

Make, Meal, 2016-01-12

Pasta dei Balcani

While I am by no means a pasta person, I do enjoy an exception to that rule every decade or so. On one such an occasion I found myself in the company of my dear friend Julie – many many moons ago – in a place called Vapiano, ordering a plate of pasta which combined… Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2016-01-11

The Monday Playlist

Ooh baby it’s cold outside. Why not warm up to some of these ‘old school’ dance songs ? Going back to Belgium for the holidays has made me a little nostalgic so this one’s for all the clubkids out there – grinding on speakers, making out in dark corners and dancing all night long. love,… Read more »

Kos Kaffe Roasting House READ MORE

NYC, 2016-01-11

Kos Kaffe Roasting House

I stumbled into Kos Kaffe Roasting House on a really hot day this past summer while strolling the streets op Park Slope, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Kos Kaffe has now become one of my favorite coffee places in Brooklyn. I always relax when I am here. The coffee is great and the… Read more »

Green detox smoothie READ MORE

Meal, 2016-01-04

Green detox smoothie

Start your day blending A good smoothie starts with a decent blender. Nothing is worse than a chunky smoothie, they need to be smooth and creamy. Jelena has been testing the Kitchenaid Artisan Magnetic Blender for her cocktails, but now it’s time for a smoothie test. With its powerful 2.0 peak horsepower motor, the Magnetic… Read more »

Happy New Year READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2016-01-04

Happy New Year

Take it slow today It’s the first Monday of the year and let’s be honest this day is going to be long. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday and are fully recharged to start fresh. To make this week a bit easier I am sharing Thomas’s Spotify playlist with his favourite 30 songs from… Read more »

Raspberry Rumble READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2015-12-28

Raspberry Rumble

Fresh & fruity, a perfect way to start the new year We’ve gotten into the festive spirit with a rum based cocktail for Christmas but there’s nothing like Vodka to get the party really started in the New Year. You only need 4 ingredients for this cocktail so it’ll be a breeze to make, no… Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2015-12-28

The Monday Playlist

NYE 2015 is almost over, but not quite yet! Still need to put some work in your NYE playlist? How about I help you out with that? Starting things out mellow with Mo Kolours and Kelela. Once you reach the third track, you will find yourself dancing. Trusss me daddi! Happy New Year! Ufuk

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