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The Monday Playlist


London, Visit, 2015-11-23

E8 during the weekend

E8 during the weekend


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The Monday Playlist

Golden oldies As you might know, I almost always listen to new or recent music. However, sometimes I do enjoy older songs as well. That’s why I thought of composing a playlist with my favourite oldies. I hope you like them! Happy Monday! Britta


NYC, 2015-11-16


  New York has plenty of everything. Shops, restaurants, taxi’s, work out spots, juice bars and coffee shops. Sometimes all of these in the same place. At least half of my dates are coffee or juice dates so it was only a matter of time before the green (juice) would meet the coffee. It’s this… Read more »

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The Monday Playlist

Not only on Monday we feel a bit down. It is November and the winterblues are kicking in . The days are short and at 6 ‘o clock it is pitch black outside. The only thing I want to do is crawl on the couch and watch Netflix. But no can do when work is… Read more »

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The Monday Playlist

Hold on, we’re going home It’s not quite sweater weather yet but I can feel it in the air. Just as I’m settling into my new life in London, this playlist calls for cozy, ‘coming home’ feelings with a few sing-a-long classics. Here’s to new beginnings.

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Visit, 2015-11-09

The Village Coffee

Good coffee is a basic right for everyone. It can brighten your day. In Utrecht you have The Village Coffee. And you know what makes it so special? It’s located in a former prison. A few years ago the government of The Netherlands decided to close the oldest prison of the Netherlands. ‘To expensive’, the… Read more »


Buy, Drink, Eat, Ghent, 2015-11-09


WATT has everything under one roof. The new Ghent-based platform houses ten different concepts in a vacant seventies building. The result is a wilful mix of design, art, food and drinks. To begin with my number one favourite: brunch spot Boom is a must visit for anyone who loves healthy, yet delicious food with a twist. Coincidentally a… Read more »

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Meal, 2015-11-02

Butternut quesadillas

 Adding a twist to your quesadilla Let’s face it, we all love Mexican food. I most definitely do, but sometimes I feel like having a vegetarian option. That’s why I tried this Autumn inspired quesadilla with butternut squash as a base. This GreenPan Milan 3D Eggs & Pancakes Pan is perfect for a crispy quesadilla. The… Read more »

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Eat, Rotterdam, Stay, Travel Guide, 2015-11-02

Oh Rotterdam!

Amsterdam, that delightful city with its beautiful moats, medieval houses and entertaining hot-spots. But as everyone these days already seems to know about this one, we went to the other ‘dam’. Rotterdam. Where we fell in love instantly. Sleeping amidst students Rotterdam is a true student city. It has amazing hotels with fantastic views, however we… Read more »

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The Monday Playlist

Belgian gems Glad to be back on WNM with another batch of Belgian gems and collabs. This week’s playlist starts out on the mellow tip, perfect for the first day of autumn break.

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