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Why go to Best Kept Secret?

Why go to Best Kept Secret?


Amsterdam North READ MORE

Amsterdam, Drink, Eat, Travel Guide, 2016-04-18

Amsterdam North

If you’ve been to Amsterdam before there is a high chance you have visited the historical city centre with its famous canals. However, if you’re planning a(nother) trip to the Dutch capital and you’re in for something different, apart from the touristic spots, you have got to visit Amsterdam North. Just a 5 minute boat… Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2016-04-11

The Monday Playlist

Drinking wine, feeling fine. I’ve been in an exceptionally good mood as of late, why you ask ? A lady never tells but all you need to know is that I want to dance non-stop. This playlist does just that. Some sensuous numbers (because of that good mood I was talking about, you know), some… Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2016-03-29

The Monday Playlist

This Tuesday playlist pulls out the best songs from Kindness’s LIFE playlist, Poldoore’s Beats On Demand playlist and the excellent Spotify Discover Weekly. It’s got plenty of spring vibes, and it’s the perfect background music for an Easter Monday brunch. My favorite tune is Techno Disco by Kerrier District, an absolute bum shaker when you’re… Read more »

A Pirate’s Heart READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2016-03-21

A Pirate’s Heart

Looking for an easy to make drink that packs a bit of a punch ? Look no further ! Perfect before or after dinner, this drink might be a bit boozy but goes down easy. No need to be a rum lover to enjoy this drink either, the Drambuie adds a bit of sweetness and… Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2016-03-14

The Monday Playlist

It’s been a while, but I’m glad to be able to share a new playlist with you guys! I’ve selected some tracks that go well with the sunny weather. Enjoy! Click here for the Spotify Web Player


Antwerp, Stay, 2016-03-14


No doubt one of the perfect remedies to cure your winterblues and issues is a day of wellness. Private wellness is even better. So this is what my friend and I did this week at the bed & breakfast and spa resort Bora Bora. As soon as we arrived, the very friendly and helpful owner of the… Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2016-03-07

The Monday Playlist

Are you guys also excited about the new festival season? The line-ups this year are looking great. I would like to dedicate this Monday Playlist to Best Kept Secret Festival. It’s a relatively new festival but it’s doing everything it can to become your favorite one. Stages in the woods or next to the water,… Read more »

Cauliflower Pasta Sauce READ MORE

Meal, 2016-02-29

Cauliflower Pasta Sauce

It doesn’t have to be cheesy to be creamy Let’s face it, we are all suckers for cheese. White sauces are tasty but I often don’t feel great after eating them … They are heavy, full of flower and dairy. I wanted to find an alternative, so I had a look at the vegan cuisine…. Read more »

Keuken & Deli READ MORE

Eat, Utrecht, 2016-02-29

Keuken & Deli

Not far away from the city centre of Utrecht, there’s a unique restaurant called Keuken & Deli. What makes this place so special? Well, here you really have the feeling you’re eating in a kitchen. The interior is great! The whole restaurant is decorated as a cook’s room. A big piece of chicken is hanging… Read more »

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