Antwerp, Stay, 2015-06-22


After a long and beautiful wedding day, Pavlos and I got the chance to stay in one of Hotel O’s two branches for our wedding night. The location we stayed in is right across from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in the South area of Antwerp (also known as ‘t Zuid), well known for being one of the most vibrant parts of the Diamond city.

We made it to the hotel well passed midnight and had been designated to stay in the “Eco room” by the helpful staff who had gone home for the night. Going up to our room from the predominantly black lobby that emphasized glass, we passed through some very remarkable hallways: completely dark, only lit up by red ambient light and the glowing doors of the rooms decorated with details from Rubens’ paintings.

As we entered our room, the smooth, cool concrete walls and floor stood out immediately. In stark contrast, an eye-catching wooden bathtub was set in the middle of the room. Beside it, an enormous white bed welcomed us to some well deserved rest. The room, with its austere, hyper-modern (almost industrial) aesthetic, held a surprisingly comforting warmth. You could sense that the organization of the room was very well thought through: the space was organized in a practical manner resulting in a spaciousness that is pleasant with everything still close at hand. The layout was based on an open concept, enhanced by convenient amenities like its roomy walk-in rain shower and soft bedside lights. The foot of the large (and extremely comfortable) bed gave way to a desk with a large flat screen TV and Nespresso machine.

An ambient mood was easily created at the flip of a switch, as the lights moved across the contrasting surfaces of textured brick and matte wood. Everything about the Eco-room is unlike the average, cramped hotel room. High ceilings, no tasteless art, and a minimalist design with no superfluities. The accommodation is cool and straight to the point. The general air is a well-achieved blend of productivity and relaxation, making it a wonderful retreat for those looking for a comfortable stay during a work-related trip, as well as for design-conscious couples who want direct access to some of Antwerp’s finest locations.

Unfortunately we missed out on the chance to use our free breakfast vouchers for Brasserie Nero (even though breakfast ran ’til 12PM!), but hopefully we’ll get another chance soon, because we would definitely stay here again.

Pavlos & Anna