Announcements, 2014-04-14

The Design Market in Ghent is still quite young, this was their 15th edition, but over the past years it has succeeded in making quite the name for itself. The Design Market is an event that occurs twice a year and the main idea is that it offers a “hot spot for cool vintage”. The (inter)nationally acknowkledged traders guarantee that they will sell you authentic vintage.

That is, ofcourse, the official talk. Fact is that the Design Market really is a very cool and special place and event. Whilst the traders sell both authentic pieces for everyday use and pieces for collectors, the Market doesn’t feel elitist in any way. When you walk in, you can feel that the people behind the Market are young and very driven. You can also feel this in the program of the Market: next to the permanent market itself there are a lot of other activities. The White Box Live Performances, for example, where Belgian architects puzzle together an interior with pieces from the Market. Or, the interior advice, where young interior architects give free advice.

The trader of Dierbaar Design gave us a very useful and extensive explanation on how you can tell the real from the fake. He told us that you can recognize a real Eames chair by the material and the sturdiness. For example, the old Eames chairs are made from fibre glass, whilst replicas are made from plastic.

A fun fact is that – because Charles and Ray Eames were such perfectionists – they couldn’t figure out the ergonomy of the Rocking Chair over a short period of time. A pregnant lady, Suzan, was working in the office of Eames. Since the Rocking Chair was also meant for breastfeeding, they wanted to have the ergonomy just right. The office was situated just next to the beach in California, and they dug hole after hole to make the perfect seat. Too bad they finished the chair when Suzan’s child was already two years old.

The second Design Market of 2014 takes place on the 8th and 9th of November at the Ghent ICC. If you like nice furniture or have a real passion for design, make sure you save the date!


ps: For those who don’t speak Dutch, we added some subtitles! Just press the CC button in the vimeo player.