Berlin, Stay, Stay, 2015-01-19

Stay in the urban jungle

I have to admit that I am a sucker for beautiful hotels. If you pay for a hotel, it might as well be a treat for the eyes. The 25 hours hotel chain has a selection of beautiful design hotels in Germany, Switzerland and Vienna. During the summer they were so kind to invite Thomas and I for a stay in their brand new hotel in Berlin, located next to the Zoo.

The hotel manager explained that 25 Hours always tries to combine the best parts of a city in their hotels. For Berlin they wanted to mix the calmness of the Zoo with the urban side of Ku’damm. Either way, they succeeded. Be careful though, this hotel has so much to offer you might not even want to visit the city.


A beautiful rooftop bar and yummy Eastern European restaurant with a view over the entire city. A wellness area where you can stare at the monkeys playing in the Zoo. Let’s also not forgot the concept shopping mall Bikini, with its large selection of designer stores.

On the first floor of the hotel there is an area with iMacs and sofas where you can listen to old records. And lastly, they sell the best cheese cake in town at their bakery. You see what I mean? Why would you ever want to leave this hotel?


I haven’t even described the rooms. We stayed in one of the jungle rooms, meaning we enjoyed a view on the Zoo. It’s an open space room, but you can separate the bathroom from the “bedroom” with a curtain. With the floor-to-ceiling windows the room feels spacious at all times and you won’t get that cramped feeling you sometimes get in hotel rooms.

The bed is absolutely wonderful: soft, fluffy, loads of pillows, and fresh. For me, nothing beats snoozing in a bed that feels fresh right after check in.

The room comes with a speaker device so you can play music from your smartphone, turn up that volume and dance with the person you love or by yourself in the shower.

Breakfast is served in the rooftop restaurant. Nothing tops this view. In the summer you can sip your Five Elephant coffee on the terrace surrounded by tropical plants and an urban jungle. During those cold Berlin winter days, you can enjoy the view from the beautiful Scandinavian interior.


Aside from serving the best coffee in town they have one of the best breakfast buffets I have ever seen, and I have seen quite a lot. A large selection of warm dishes for those who enjoy a savoury start of their day, paired with some German charcuterie or smoked salmon. You can also prepare a breakfast bowl with yogurt, fresh honey, fruit and all kinds of muesli’s. They also serve fresh bread, refreshing drinks and traditional German spreads. What more do you need? They made sure the Berlin brunch culture is represented at their buffet.

This hotel is perfect for those who want to relax on a city trip without having to stay in a boring city. In the morning you can rent one of their Minis or bikes and start exploring. This location is good to bike to Mitte or to Kreuzberg. Berlin is bike-friendly and the streets are calm meaning you won’t have to stress in the car either.

We took the Mini to Teufelsberg. It was one of those spots we hadn’t visited before, even though we both lived in Berlin. By car you get there in no time and the Mini has a GPS so there is no chance of getting lost.

After a day of exploring we ended up relaxing in the wonderful wellness area. You pay around 10 euros to go in, but it’s worth the pay. With a view over the Zoo you relax and prepare for a night out in Berlin. Jump in the sauna and stare at the animals, don’t forget to take an ice cold shower. You’ll come out refreshed and feeling alive.

Everything is designed very nicely as well, making the experience all the more relaxing. Give it a try, you might even be lucky and be all by yourself. While enjoying the best cheese cake in town at the hotel bakery, Thomas and I were trying to think of something that we didn’t like about this hotel.

Even the lobby caught our attention, a selection of local products and a Gestalten book shop. This hotel really thought of every detail. This really might be the only downside of 25 hours Bikini: it’s so good that you are tempted to stay inside.

Although we wouldn’t think of booking a hotel in this part of town at first, we would definitely go back now that we discovered this gem.



PS: Thomas wrote a post for the hotel’s blog and I shared some photos. Berlin at second sight. All the photos in this post were shot with the Nikon 1 V3.