Hamburg, Stay, 2015-08-24

Welcome to your cabin

During our visit to Hamburg, Bas and I stayed at 25 hours Hotel. After my last stay in Hamburg I didn’t have to think twice when looking for a hotel. This hotel chain has worked out a formula for the ultimate hotel experience for our generation. Everything you love, you will find in their hotels. This was also the case at Hafencity.

This contemporary hotel is located in a newer area of the Hamburg port. At 25 hours they try to translate the neighborhoud into their interior design. For their first hotel in Hamburg it sure was a success. A beautiful mixture between concrete, wood and metal invites you into the world of a sailor.

After staring our eyes out in the cargo inspired lobby we went to our room. There are 5 types of cabins at this hotel. They call it a cabin because the interior has several elements of a boat.

Rounded corners and a lot of wood gives it the look and feel of a boat. Even the wardrobe was one like you would find on an old cruise ship. We had the cabin with bunk beds, which is ideal when you are travelling with your best friend.

Even the bathroom had a beautiful mix between those typical elements of a ship and modern design. Hamburg is known for its famous red light district, which you can also find in the interior by use of the logo of a hart and an anchor or the drawings on the walls.

I must say that these bunkbeds were super comfortable. They have a width of 120cm and enough space in between. Every bed has its own lights and plugs so you can still have your privacy when sharing a room.

The bunkbeds face the window, so you’ll be waking up with a view over the harbour. This sure was a beautiful sight. The hotel has a view over the cruise terminal, if you are lucky enough you might have a gorgeous ship to stare at in the morning.

One thing is for sure, at 25 hours they serve a breakfast for champions. A long buffet with everything your heart desires. There is also a Grab+Go formula in the lobby, where you can just have a small breakfast and coffee before you rush off to explore the city.

Their breakfast buffet offers all kinds of things. You could go for a classic scrambled eggs with bacon or a toast with cream cheese and fresh salmon. Even their section of cheese is worthwhile. It’s not your average breakfast buffet. Don’t forget to try a pretzel with some cream cheese, that’s my favourite!

Typical for 25hours hotels is that they have so much to offer that you might not want to go outside. Which is a great quality but also dangerous. Unfortunately the sauna was under maintenance when we wanted to go. But I can assure you from my experience in Berlin, it is worth the 10 euros. Luckily it isn’t the only area in the hotel where you can relax.

They have a lounge area where you can read a book while sipping some tea from the serve-yourself bar. On the same floor you can also use their iMacs if you want to browse the interwebs.

There’s even an in-door smoking area where you can listen to records and stare at the beautiful view. We ended up spending a couple of hours there because we had some work to finish, but it didn’t feel like work. The interior is so cosy and relaxing it felt like home. Make sure to try the Gin Sul, a local gin that is absolutely delicious!

The location of the hotel is perfect for a weekend in Hamburg. It’s still in walking distance to a lot of areas and if you don’t feel like walking you can just take the Ubahn or bus. Which is across from the hotel.

For those who are looking for a different type of transport, there are three options. You can lend one of their bikes, free of charge, or you could go for a day of driving around with the 25hours Hotel Mini. I, on the other hand, definitely recommend taking the ferry. It’s in walking distance from the Hotel and a great way to see the city from a different perspective.

Personally I believe that a good hotel makes your holiday experience complete. For those who agree and don’t mind spending a bit more on a room, I would definitely recommend this hotel.

Enjoy your stay!

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