Drinks, Make, 2016-03-21

Looking for an easy to make drink that packs a bit of a punch ? Look no further ! Perfect before or after dinner, this drink might be a bit boozy but goes down easy.
No need to be a rum lover to enjoy this drink either, the Drambuie adds a bit of sweetness and the Mezcal gives it a bit of a smoky aftertaste which I just love.

I opted for Pyrat rum because it was a gift from my bar manager at Ace Hotel, so naturally I had to do him justice by making a banging cocktail with it. (thanks Dan Berger !) For the Mezcal (Meteoro), honestly I just fell in love with this bottle but its contents are definitely not a letdown. Don’t go crazy looking for the same brands I used though, just use decent brands that you love.

How do you make it? 

1. Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass. If you don’t have one lying around a large pint glass will also do.

2.  Add ice to mixing glass and stir down until cool.

3. Add ice to a tumbler glass and garnish with a lime twist. Twist over glass and tap around the edge of glass for perfection.

There you have it, short but sweet ! Enjoy your cocktails with moderation and friends.

love, l.
pictures by Julie Donckers

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