Drink, Eat, NYC, 2016-11-28


The sweet little cafe is exactly what its name does suspect: a sweet little cafe.

Located in downtown Brooklyn, a little tucked into one of the side street, you would almost miss it if you didn’t know it was there.

There is not much more room than a few 2 person tables lined up against one wall and a little room to walk past to the back for your order.

The place may be little though it lacks nothing charm. Little games can be found a corners, guitars, mirrors and other funny items paint the wall and in every little corner there is something you can find, sugar, milk, books, the bathroom.

There is so much to take in yet for some reason the space doesn’t feel cluttered. Behind the kitchen there are windows looking out to lush green and the front has a giant window to look out from.

They serve coffee, homemade goodies, sandwiches & savory crepes  as well as wine and beer. You’d kinda wonder how all this fits in this place but it just does!

It’s the perfect place to take a friend for a quiet cup of coffee or to take a book and just cozy up and disappear into a small other world for a moment, away of the hustle and bustle.

Little can be sweet!