Amsterdam, Drink, Eat, Travel Guide, 2016-04-18

If you’ve been to Amsterdam before there is a high chance you have visited the historical city centre with its famous canals. However, if you’re planning a(nother) trip to the Dutch capital and you’re in for something different, apart from the touristic spots, you have got to visit Amsterdam North. Just a 5 minute boat ride away from the centre, it’s as if you are in a completely different city. What used to be an all industrial area has turned into an upcoming neighbourhood with lots of greenery, culture and unique spots.

For International Women’s Day Eastpak invited us to a tour along some hidden gems, all founded by kickass women with a big heart for their community, entrepreneurship, creativity and ecological projects. The perfect day to test out their latest collection!


Vegan burgers

If you’re vegan or curious as to what a vegan burger would taste like, then Ceuvel Cafe is your place to be. Here they serve the one and only Dutch Weed Burger.

It might not sport the colour of a regular hamburger, but it sure tastes just as good. This vegan burger is made from seaweed harvested at the first seaweed farm in the Netherlands, so it’s local too.

Just like the team behind the Dutch Weed Burger, the founders of Ceuvel Cafe strongly believe in creating an ecological and sustainable environment. Ceuvel Cafe is not only a fun restaurant to hang out, it’s also an upcycling project. Situated on an old industrial site next to the river (hello summer hangout spot), everything is built with lumber and pieces from old boats and the place is run as self-sufficient as possible.

Woodies at Berlin

You can’t leave a city without some goodies. We’re not referring to crappy souvenirs, we’re talking pretty treasures.

If you have a heart for interior design, make sure to check out Woodies at Berlin. The unique location (alongside the NSDM dock) and collection make it hard not to buy everything in sight. Owner Esther has a strong eye for detail and a big love for vintage, design and interior objects. Hope your suitcase is big enough for a gorgeous handmade sofa.


In one of Amsterdam North’s biggest warehouses you can visit ‘Art City’. Streets, workspaces and even an indoor skate park are all built from scratch. It’s the perfect place for creative minds like film makers and designers. The industrial environment and creative vibe make this place a very worthwhile visit.

Noorderlicht Cafe

It became a so-called hotspot by accident. Although it’s an established place among the locals, it’s still fairly unknown to tourists. Don’t be mistaken, Noorderlicht Cafe is not just another hipster bar. The regular visitors range from suited-up fancy folks to dreadlocks kind of people. The unique building – it kind of looks like a conservatory – gives you an amazing view on the Amsterdam city skyline. The perfect retrieve for lunch, dinner or some appetizers.

Although these were our favorite spots, Amsterdam North has a lot more to offer.  It’s a neighbourhood were you can just stroll around and breath in the atmosphere. If you go in the spring/summer time (we hadn’t that much luck with the weather), you can enjoy a picknick next to the water with a view on the Amsterdam City skyline. For your daily portion of culture make sure to visit the famous Eye Musuem.

Enjoy your stay and let us know if you liked exploring this other side of Amsterdam.

Isabelle & Margot