Drinks, 2015-06-01

Aperol Spritz reminds me of the summer of 2011. Back then this drink was popular again thanks to Vitrin in Antwerp. Everybody was drinking it and it was the perfect apéro for those hot summer nights. Now they serve it in a large balloon glass but I like it in a short whiskey glass, like we used to drink it at Vitrin.

Let’s make one!


How do you make it? 

1. Start by adding ice to your glass, stir it around so your glass is cold enough.

2. Add 3 parts of Prosecco (D.O.C.), top up with 2 parts of Aperol and add a splash of soda water.


3. Add a finishing touch with a slice of orange.


PS: Share your Aperol cocktail with #alwayssummer