TUI fly give away READ MORE

Contests, 2017-04-10

TUI fly give away

Do these sunny weekends also make you long for a Summer holiday? Last year, Jelena and Eline were invited by TUI fly to explore the white sand beaches and palm tree streets in Mallorca. Both Jelena and Eline could see themselves strolling endlessly through the city of Palma, the city is so fresh and clean… Read more »

Volmer Tonic READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2017-02-13

Volmer Tonic

Spring is around the corner and the oranges are as juicy as they can get. Thinking of serving of an apéro that invites your guests to dream of a hot Summer nights? Well, you might want to try Volmer for your next dinner party. Volmer is a refreshing aperitif with a bitter-sweet taste and a… Read more »

Chocolate milk cubes READ MORE

Dessert, Make, 2016-12-05

Chocolate milk cubes

Cold nights call for hot chocolate We’ve covered cookies but now let’s get into the serious stuff: hot chocolate. Powered hot chocolate is an easy fix for your craving but will not satisfy as much as a proper home-made one. Some of you might have seen the recent IKEA collaboration on their Facebook page so… Read more »

Vegan Almond Butter Cookies READ MORE

Dessert, Make, 2016-11-14

Vegan Almond Butter Cookies

A rich and crunchy afternoon treat Christmas is coming closer so it’s time to practice our baking skills. For this recipe I wanted to try a vegan variation of the loved chocolate chip cookie. For some reason people can’t imagine vegan pastries to be as good as regular ones, they are SO wrong. Vegan baking… Read more »

Wild Mushroom Risotto READ MORE

Meal, 2016-10-31

Wild Mushroom Risotto

A fail proof recipe for a dark and cold Autumn evening. Although I absolutely love Autumn ingredients such as butternut, pumpkin and oranges, I really don’t like coming home when it’s so dark. That’s why I thought it was time to share this comfort food recipe that is actually not as hard to make as… Read more »

Why you need a butcher’s block READ MORE

Make, Tools, 2016-09-19

Why you need a butcher’s block

Big or small, every kitchen needs a butcher’s block For me, the beating heart of a home is the kitchen. It’s the space where I experiment and often make a crazy mess. One year ago I moved into a cozy flat in London with my partner, as most of them don’t have a sea of space. It is… Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2016-03-07

The Monday Playlist

Are you guys also excited about the new festival season? The line-ups this year are looking great. I would like to dedicate this Monday Playlist to Best Kept Secret Festival. It’s a relatively new festival but it’s doing everything it can to become your favorite one. Stages in the woods or next to the water,… Read more »

Cauliflower Pasta Sauce READ MORE

Meal, 2016-02-29

Cauliflower Pasta Sauce

It doesn’t have to be cheesy to be creamy Let’s face it, we are all suckers for cheese. White sauces are tasty but I often don’t feel great after eating them … They are heavy, full of flower and dairy. I wanted to find an alternative, so I had a look at the vegan cuisine…. Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2016-02-15

The Monday Playlist

What’s your morning routine? These 7 new songs are a representation of how my morning is. I start really slow & sleepy and try leaving the house with some energy. Emphasising ‘try’. Music is big part of my morning routine. These songs are currently part of that 7am playlist. Starting with a smooth oldie by… Read more »

Breakfast smoothie READ MORE

Meal, 2016-01-25

Breakfast smoothie

Blend your breakfast By adding oats and a banana you turn your smoothie into a proper breakfast. Ready in 5 minutes and you won’t feel like snacking the entire morning. Although a couple of nuts or a piece of fruit won’t kill you. A good smoothie starts with a decent blender. Nothing is worse than… Read more »

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