Frankfurt READ MORE

Eat, Stay, Travel Guide, 2016-06-27


FRANKFURT AM MAIN It’s always the same cities we write about. Therefor we believed it was time to make a city trip to cities which are a less obvious choice. We started with Rotterdam and the second one was Frankfurt! You’ll all have heard of Frankfurt, the financial heart of Europe.  Does it have more to offer? Yes… Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

Listen, playlists, 2015-12-14

The Monday Playlist

the only drug that you need: Music Music can make you feel sad, happy and bring back memories. Let’s be honest: we couldn’t survive without it. I selected my favourite tracks I listen to while editing my videos or to use as a soundtrack.  

Oh Rotterdam! READ MORE

Eat, Rotterdam, Stay, Travel Guide, 2015-11-02

Oh Rotterdam!

Amsterdam, that delightful city with its beautiful moats, medieval houses and entertaining hot-spots. But as everyone these days already seems to know about this one, we went to the other ‘dam’. Rotterdam. Where we fell in love instantly. Sleeping amidst students Rotterdam is a true student city. It has amazing hotels with fantastic views, however we… Read more »

Why you should visit Iceland READ MORE

Travel Guide, 2015-08-24

Why you should visit Iceland

7 reasons why you should visit Iceland Sick of laying on a beach, jam packed with people, sweating as you try to cool yourself with an iced frappe? Want to try something more adventurous and refreshing than spending most of your holiday at a hotel, only leaving to drag yourself to the nearest museum? Well then, we might… Read more »

Food in Iceland READ MORE

Travel Guide, 2015-08-17

Food in Iceland

An unexpected side of Iceland My expectations of the Icelandic cuisine were pretty low. It being an island, I thought they would have a small selection of commonly used vegetables, and an occasional whale or shark steak. But during my trip to this beautiful country my perception changed completely. You might have noticed in my… Read more »

Dahoud at Dogma Cocktails READ MORE

Drinks, Watch, 2015-07-13

Dahoud at Dogma Cocktails

Angel Share’s famous cocktail This Summer I will share with you a series about cocktails served to you by Didier from Dogma Cocktails. This young talented bartender has a passion for our favorite kind of drinks and he wants to share his secrets with you! So we created this mini series together for you to… Read more »

Exploring Iceland’s Nature READ MORE

Visit, 2015-06-01

Exploring Iceland’s Nature

Waterfalls &Volcanic areas Iceland has been on my must visit list for quite a while now, its beautiful nature is a videographer’s dream. When Icelandair invited Why Not Monday to visit this intriguing country in May, I made a little happy dance. Icelandair is the national airline company of Iceland and has stops in all the main airports,… Read more »

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