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A get away to France doesn’t have to be a lot of hassle. Within a mere 5hr drive you’re in Mâcon, a small city in Burgundy near the river Saône. This small town is a lovely place to visit for true wine lovers, but it has so much more to offer and is perfect for… Read more »

Domaine de la Chapinière READ MORE

Val De Loire, 2014-06-09

Domaine de la Chapinière

Just, wow! This place is beautiful. And when I say beautiful, I mean b e a u t i f u l ! After a drive through the small villages of the Loire region you turn the corner and see this beautiful domaine. Right when you enter you have the new wooden horse stables and… Read more »


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Design lovers: unite! MUUTO has opened a beautiful store in Mechelen. This store matches the new and improved Mechelen perfectly: the store offers a view on the pretty streets and green courtyard outside of the Interieur Kabinet. That MUUTO opened its doors in Mechelen is no coincidence: owner Heidi had had the idea of opening… Read more »

Domaine des Chesnaies READ MORE

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Domaine des Chesnaies

After a hot and tiring day in France’s Loire region, the Domaine de Chesnaies chambre d’hôte (guest room) was a lovely place to come home to. I say home because the owners, Olivier and Catherine, immediately made me feel welcome and at ease. The domaine is located 15 minutes of the French village Angers, amidst… Read more »

Wheat-free pancakes READ MORE

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Wheat-free pancakes

There are so many different great recipes in the Fast Metabolism book, but I really missed a pancake recipe. No problem! With some minor changes to the everyday pancake recipe that we all know, you have your phase 3 Fast Metabolism Diet approved pancakes. I really loved eating these for breakfast in phase 3 with… Read more »

Stevia Limonade READ MORE

Uncategorized, 2014-04-21

Stevia Limonade

My oh my, is this a refreshing drink! Even when you’re on a diet or try to eat clean (it’s still #gezondinapril, right!) you should treat yourself every now and then. Especially when you’re on the Fast Metabolism Diet, you’ll crave something sweet and sugar-y after a while. Good news: aside from the fact that… Read more »

Chicken Coconut Curry READ MORE

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Chicken Coconut Curry

As promised, we present to you our first #gezondinapril recipe, featuring a delicious Thai inspired curry & coconut dish from the Fast Metabolism Diet book. This is a perfect phase 3 dinner, as it’s simple, healthy and very yummy. You can add other (phase specific) vegetables, spices or herbs (such as cilantro) to your own… Read more »

Fast Metabolism Diet READ MORE

Uncategorized, 2014-04-07

Fast Metabolism Diet

Because April’s all about #gezondinapril at WPG Publishers (‘#healthyinapril’) we’re testing the Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy for you guys this month. This diet claims you can lose up to 10 kilos in 4 weeks and this whilst eating healthy and plenty without feeling hungry. We’d like to introduce the Fast Metabolism Diet to you… Read more »

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