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Announcements, 2014-12-15

Callas Confiture

Recently, Karen Depoorter from Callas Confiture in Gent invited a bunch of bloggers to try out her new confits in the formula of a workshop and lovely dinner. Deborah & I attended the workshop, together with fellow bloggers Melanie from Illy Vanilly, Marieke from Au Bain Marieke, Jozefien from Goestjes, Joke from De Hipste Adresjes… Read more »

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Visit, 2014-11-03

Undisclosed Dinner

Why Not Monday had the chance to meet Stephanie Tang. This 26 year old ambitious Bruxelloise could actually write a book about how much she likes food and cooking. When she starts talking about food, she has got glittering eyes. Pure passion. The thing that she loves most is the powerfulness of food. It can… Read more »

Strawberry Lemonade READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2014-10-06

Strawberry Lemonade

It’s monday again, friends! Although some of you might be longing for autumn, scarfs and gloves already, I am still holding on to the last bits of summer. And when I think about summer, I tend to think of icecream and … homemade lemonade. Last year I went for a picnic with my best friend…. Read more »


Copenhagen, 2014-09-29


Do you recognize that urge to go and discover new places and cultures? Travelling, I absolutely love it. Sometimes, when we’re at home, my boyfriend starts to dig up some travel stories. “Do you remember that time when we were in Bolivia, and when you left your camera under your pillow at the hostel?”. (horror stories)… Read more »

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Copenhagen, Visit, 2014-09-22


Brødflov is one of the cutest bakeries in Copenhagen and the friendly owners are willing to tell you everything about their bread. The word Brødflov means ‘to be puckish’, but is funny because of the combination of bread and embarrassment. Brødflov only uses the ancient Nordic grains to create fresh, pure ànd healthy breads.  “Order a Kanel Monster, a monstrously… Read more »

Royal Smushi Cafe READ MORE

Copenhagen, 2014-09-08

Royal Smushi Cafe

Planning a trip to Copenhagen anytime soon? Then you’ll probably do some shopping as well. When strolling down the shopping street Stroget you arrive at Amagertorv. On this square you’ll find the Royal Smushi Cafe. This peculiar restaurant combines Danish food and Danish design in a girlie atmosphere. It’s the perfect location to stopover for lunch. “smørrebrød… Read more »

l’Atelier en ville READ MORE

Brussels, 2014-09-01

l’Atelier en ville

l’Atelier en Ville is one of my favourite places in Brussels. The store is located in an old industrial building with rough finishes.  The furniture from brands such as Factori and Bulk authentic fit in perfectly. It’s a great concept store: You will find a studio that creates custom made furniture in industrial style, which is super nice…. Read more »


Eat, London, 2014-08-25


The best ceviche in Europe Making ceviche is a serious business in Peru. Ceviche is the Peruvian national dish of fish, marinated in lime juice, chilli and salt. When travelling through the country last year, we ate it in several cities. It’s really refreshing and you never get bored of it. Everything you need to know about… Read more »


Copenhagen, 2014-08-25


Two former Noma sous-chefs, Samuel Nutter and Victor Wågman started the restaurant BROR in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s a great and affordable way to try out new Nordic Cuisine. “bror” means brother in Danish, which stands for care, honesty and respect. When you’re living in a Dutch speaking country, the word “bror” immediately rings a… Read more »

Warm Chickpea & sweet potato salad for Libelle Lekker READ MORE

Uncategorized, 2014-08-18

Warm Chickpea & sweet potato salad for Libelle Lekker

Hi dear Monday lovers, Did I mention before that I’m not so big on making the same recipe over and over again? There’s just not enough time in my lifespan to try all the different recipes out there in the world. Sometimes however, a recipe comes along and I just can’t get enough of it…. Read more »

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