15th edition of Design Markt READ MORE

Announcements, 2014-04-14

15th edition of Design Markt

The Design Market in Ghent is still quite young, this was their 15th edition, but over the past years it has succeeded in making quite the name for itself. The Design Market is an event that occurs twice a year and the main idea is that it offers a “hot spot for cool vintage”. The… Read more »

Piet Moodshop READ MORE

Ghent, 2014-02-10

Piet Moodshop

Finding the perfect gift can be quite a challenging task. Especially when you don’t know the person that well or you already had to buy them a lot of gifts over the years. After a while you just don’t have any inspiration anymore. Well good news for those who live in Ghent or don’t mind… Read more »

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