The Woolshed READ MORE

Cairns, 2015-05-11

The Woolshed

Cairns, a city for backpackers and party-people. (Which could be considered as the same thing, I guess.) It is a place that seems awfully small after you have seen cities like Melbourne and Sydney or even Brisbane. But even though the city itself might not have too much to offer in terms of architecture, the surrounding… Read more »

The Eatery READ MORE

Uncategorized, 2015-04-20

The Eatery

For everyone who is travelling the east coast of Australia, Byron Bay is a must. But I don’t have to tell you that – most everyone finds out about that anyway. And since Byron Bay is very popular with not only international travellers, but also Australian holiday-makers, it has a lot to offer. Next to… Read more »

The Q on Harris READ MORE

Uncategorized, 2015-04-13

The Q on Harris

You know how it is on the first day in a big city that you have yet to explore. You want to see it all, but you have no idea how to start. You might get a map from somewhere, figure out where you are and then decide for one place that you want to go… Read more »


Brisbane, 2015-03-30


When spring arrives, something opens up in people. They start going outside again, they are happier than before, they want to do sports or start a new hobby. Somehow, spring gives these old tired winter-thoughts a little spice and motivation and life lights up a little bit. Well, I found a restaurant with the name… Read more »

Jamie’s Italian READ MORE

Sydney, 2015-03-23

Jamie’s Italian

A while ago, we had a little give-away of Jamie Oliver magazines. Well, now I want to put the taste of the Jamie Oliver restaurant in your mind. And afterwards you can decide if you’d rather cook a Jamie-Meal yourself or have it cooked for you at one of the many Jamie’s Italian around the… Read more »

John Mills Himself READ MORE

Brisbane, 2015-01-12

John Mills Himself

Ask Wikipedia about John Mills and here is what you’ll get: John Mills may refer to the following: – John Mills, British Author – John Mills, British Actor – John Mills, Australian Politician And none of them is John Mills Himself, because who we are talking about is John Mills, Australian (Brisbane) painter who went… Read more »

Workshop Espresso READ MORE

Uncategorized, 2014-12-08

Workshop Espresso

Gooood Morning Monday! The place I am going to introduce to you, opens at 6 in the morning – even on Mondays – so, you will be able to get your morning coffee here for sure! (being out on the street earlier than that is not in any earthly manner imaginable) Anyone who has been… Read more »

Naked for Satan READ MORE

Melbourne, 2014-10-27

Naked for Satan

It’s this kind of mysterious place that everyone tells you to go to and you arrive with this slightly nervous feeling about what may be waiting for you at this bar called Naked for Satan. What a maddish name. Will there be naked people? Is it some kind of malicious place where burning flames are… Read more »

The Workshop Bar READ MORE

Melbourne, 2014-10-20

The Workshop Bar

The Attributes of Melbourne. Melbourne is the city of coffee. And good food. And hidden places. And street art. And hipsters. Which one of these things came first and dragged everything else after it, I don’t know. Maybe it all works in a symbioses – if one was missing, nothing would be complete anymore. Melbourne… Read more »


Vienna, 2014-09-01

Chiq Chaq

Whenever you start looking for Burger Places in Vienna, you will find out that there are quite a lot. And also a lot of good ones. Which makes it really hard to recommend just one. Nevertheless, this Burger Place is different from so many others, because it isn’t one of those rusty, Irish-Pub-like locations that… Read more »

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