Bruges, Visit, 2014-12-01

Bar Jus

We all recognise this moment – we absolutely and desperately need a glass of wine. To de-stress after work, to accompany a long-overdue chat with a good friend, to prepare for a night out, to have a last drink after dinner. Or just because you want to sip a delightfully refreshing bubbly, a fruity white wine or… Read more »

The Michelangelo of Pizza READ MORE

Visit, 2014-11-17

The Michelangelo of Pizza

Living in Italy has its perks. When your Mom wants to visit, for example, you have an endless list of choices of where to spend a couple of days in la bella Italia. Firenze, Venezia, Palermo, Siena, Milano, Pisa, Bari, Cinque Terre, Bergamo and so forth. As I said, the list of beautiful, cultural, historical –… Read more »

What’s a “Eat-In”? READ MORE

Announcements, 2014-09-22

What’s a “Eat-In”?

How to describe an Eat-In? It’s a huge meal, a party, a gathering, a political statement, but at the same time it’s a gastronomic feast where the values of meeting and sharing are the most important aspects. The concept was born back in 2008, in San Francisco, where is was meant to happen in a… Read more »

Back-to-School Lunchbox! READ MORE

Uncategorized, 2014-09-01

Back-to-School Lunchbox!

Huh oh, the most dreadful day of the year is coinciding with a Monday this time: the first of September, a new school year takes off! To help you get through this difficult day, I suggest to prepare yourself a great lunch, something to look forward to in the morning and to daydream of in… Read more »

The Perfect Summer Dessert! READ MORE

Dessert, Make, 2014-08-11

The Perfect Summer Dessert!

To be honest, summer decided  this weekend to turn its back to Belgium, but maybe you are more lucky in your home countries. And to celebrate that, or to bring back summer in the grey and rainy houses of the poor Belgians, I’ll suggest you a most easy and summer-y dessert that all of you… Read more »

Bruges Beer Museum READ MORE

Bruges, 2014-08-04

Bruges Beer Museum

There’s a new museum in town! Yes, I agree that this might sound a bit weird and nerd-y, but I’m super exited about it and you know why? Because it’s a museum about beer, right in the historical center of Bruges, in one of its oldest and most architecturally beautiful buildings! Do I have your… Read more »

Homemade bread READ MORE

Uncategorized, 2014-05-19

Homemade bread

My family has run a bakery and pastry shop since 1990, in which I was basically born, raised and utterly happy. I had the luck of getting up in the morning to the aroma of fresh bread, to run out the door with a steaming-hot croissant in my hand, to come back from school and… Read more »

Springtime meatballs in a wrap! READ MORE

Uncategorized, 2014-05-12

Springtime meatballs in a wrap!

I don’t know what the weather looks like where you are, dear reader, but Northern Italy is living through a period of bright summer sunshine alternated with the heavy grey clouds of a quite January day. The weather gods are teasing us: moments of warmth and rays of sun make us dust off our sunglasses,… Read more »

Tequila & Margarita’s READ MORE

Uncategorized, 2014-05-05

Tequila & Margarita’s

When celebrating Cinco de Mayo, tequila should be the protagonist of your day! This distillate of the blue agave plant is by far the most popular drink in Mexico. It is produced mainly in the area surrounding the city of Tequila and in the highlands of the northwestern Mexican state of Jalisco. Usually, the differences in… Read more »

Vermouth READ MORE

Uncategorized, 2014-04-28


One of the better aspects of being a gastronomist student is all the tasting. Cheese, wine, beer, legumes, honey, chocolate and occasionally also Vermouth. This was the case when we visited a couple of weeks ago the Antica Distilleria Quaglia in Castelnuovo Don Bosco, Piedmont. This distillery produces all sorts of alcoholic drinks since 1890. Grappa is… Read more »

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