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Where Neon Goes to Die

‘Where Neon Goes To Die’ marks the return of Magnus, a joint dance project by the flamboyant Tom Barman of dEUS and the iconic techno producer C.J. Bolland. Although Magnus is just their side project, it still took the duo over ten years to produce some new material.  It seems that almost every good band… Read more »

Let’s go dancing. READ MORE

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Let’s go dancing.

Let’s go dancing, I want to go dancing with you, all night dancing. If Madonna is the queen of pop music, Tiga must be the crown prince. Okay, Tiga might not make actual pop music but the witty Canadian certainly knows the recipe for great dance tunes.  Most of his songs have the same structure: a… Read more »

Innervisions READ MORE

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Mondaymorning: the start of the week for many, the end of the weekend for some. By now the Innervisions überall night at Berghain should have ended and all party people should have gone home. But does the party ever end in Berghain? People tend to forget about time in the former power plant as they dance… Read more »

The Inheritors READ MORE

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The Inheritors

Every person has one or two albums they have been playing all throughout their life and will never stop in doing so. In my case this album is ‘The Idiots are Winning’ by James Holden. I still enter a new dimension with every listen. I can imagine fellow Holden fan’s joy was great when the… Read more »


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Whenever I get the chance to introduce someone to the Berlin nightlife, I advice them to go to STATTBAD. The nightclub, formely known as Stadtbad Wedding  used to be a state swimming pool before it got severly damaged during World War II. Today it functions as a cultural complex. STATTBAD  hosts the well-known BOILER ROOM… Read more »

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