Antwerp, Drink, Eat, 2015-01-05

We always love it when there is a new establishment in town. As soon as we heard that the Chinese restaurant Cuichine opened their second place, we had to go. This restaurant in Zurenborg is known for its refined cuisine & modern take on traditional Chinese dishes, it also has a well deserved spot in the famous Gault&Millau. In december 2014 the owners Chuck Tang & Szelim Man opened Bar Chine just around the corner from Cuichine. Dae Hwan Hertoghs, who used to work at Cuichine, is also one of the founders and is responsible for Bar Chine. His Korean roots influenced the menu with a tasty Kimchi dog as a result.

This new establishment has a focus on gastronomical wines, inspiring cocktails and Chinese tapas. Who doesn’t love sharing food? It makes every meal more fun when going out for dinner with friends. Therefor the menu of Bar Chine is very appealing. Small dishes such as Pork Puffs, honey chicken wings or the pork belly with Korean chili sauce make me hungry when I think about it. Their fish dishes are also great, moist and full of taste. One thing I do have to say: the menu doesn’t really offer many vegetarian option. The teriyaki veggi grill and tempura veggies were very tasteful though! One thing is for sure, both Bar Chine and Cuichine work with high quality ingredients which makes a huge difference. It is this what differentiates them for any other Asian restaurant in town. You can count on their quality and refined dishes.


Of course we tried some drinks as well. Together with cocktail bar SIPS the three owners of Bar Chine developed three Oriental cocktails: the ‘blushing dragon’, the ‘almond wasabi sour’ & the ‘spicy dragon’. Jelena tried the blushing dragon: cava damia, lychee, rose petals, and absolutely loved it. I went for the Belgian gin Uppercut, which is as the name describes quite strong but very tasteful! The wines they offer are from different countries but a very nice selection of bottles. It’s fair to say that their drinks menu sure is something to show off with!


As you know, we also look at the interior. What is a nice meal without a great setting? Although they didn’t use as “rich” materials as at Cuichine, they sure did a great job at working with the same brand identity. It is always fun to see when restaurant owners know how to create a brand around their idea. From the logo to the table wear. Every details matches Bar Chine. I love how they managed to give it a modern Chinese feel without going kitch. Thumbs up! For Bar Chine they’ve used a lot of light wood. There is a lovely bar and some bar tables as well. Great for a dinner party!

Well it is quite obvious what the verdict will be. This is a great place, do watch out that you don’t order too much because it might get pricy! 4 to 5 dishes to share with 2 is more than enough and worked perfectly for us. They go around 8 to 14 euros and up to 19 for the big dishes. But I always say, you can’t expect good quality food to be cheap. This kind of concept is worth your money. A good price quality value!


Julie & Jelena

Photos by Jelena