Contests, 2014-09-15

What better way is there to celebrate one year of Why Not Monday than with drinks, music and cacti ? Read on to find out how you can win one of these amazing give-aways.

BxmDZuaIEAAjY8V  Get your buzz on in celebration with this lovely Cointreau fizz cocktail set. To win one of these three sets, all you have to do is share this picture on instagram with the hashtag #cointreaufizzcocktail and make sure to tag us as well @whynotmonday. If your account is set to private make sure to screenshot your entry and send it to otherwise we won’t be able to see it. The set also has to be picked up in Antwerp.

You can never have too many cacti in your life so go and share this picture on twitter with the subtitle ” ‘Who doesn’t love cacti ?’ @whynotmonday #1yearWNM #IKEA “ to win a set of 3 tiny cacti and 1 large one from IKEA. Again, there are 3 sets to be won and they have to be picked up in Antwerp. We don’t want to be pricks and piss off the Post Office, you know.

Last but certainly not least you can win one duo-ticket to go see Gabriel Rios live on Thursday, September 25 starting at 7 pm in Ghent at the Showcase – Gaston (invite-only). All you have to do is retweet our post about Gabriel Rios and tag us as well @whynotmonday. We only have one duo ticket to give away here but there’s also a chance to win his latest album!

We’ll announce the winners in the next 10 days, good luck and much love !

Julie & Jelena