Antwerp, 2014-06-02


Although they are closed on Mondays, this new spot in Antwerp did make it to our list. BLT stands for Breakfast, Lunch and Tapas but the famous sandwich is also present on their menu. It’s perfect for those who love a back-to-basics lunch in a light and contemporary interior.

Don’t let the name fool you, they have more than just sandwiches. They serve homemade soups and salads full of yummy ingredients. They also have other classics on the menu such as a vitello tonato. Of course I had to try their BLT sandwich, it was a perfect balance between bacon and veggies. Normally I am not such a big fan of this 50’s dish but they convinced me! They also serve different variations of the recipe. Good news for those who love to have a very late breakfast. At BLT you can enjoy your favorite type of eggs all day long. Yes, you read it correctly. They serve breakfast all day long.  The dishes might not be complicated to make but the quality  is high, that’s more important in my opinion. Fresh and healthy ingredients for a good lunch or breakfast.

The graphic design of this new establishment is also an eye-catcher. Aren’t we all a sucker for some good design? Stephanie Specht did a great job translating the 50’s BLT into a style that matches this contemporary lunchspot. Soft colors and graphical lines. What’s not to love?

They are located in a more residential area, which is perfect for those who live there but maybe less convenient when you want to plan a day trip to Antwerp. But it is sure worth the visit if you want to get away from the busy side of Antwerp and enjoy a nice sandwich outside on their terras. There is also a small park in the neighborhood and the Center for Arts, deSingel. The interior is open and light thanks to the big windows. I love this, perfect for the claustrophobic girl in me.  No crazy colors or patterns, a basic interior filled with plants and whites. Perfect.

Let me know what you think of BLT, because I sure am a fan!