Drink, Eat, NYC, 2016-10-17


About a year ago, right after I had started my new job, I walked into the office one day with a coffee from Starbucks I grabbed quickly on my way in (like a true New Yorker, right?). A sight upon which my new boss, who is Australian, said ‘Let’s go grab you some real coffee.’
He took me to Bluestone Lane and well, you don’t ever see my walking into the office with a Starbucks coffee again.

Bluestone Lane has all the right things you can expect from a coffee shop. Great Australian coffee, Australian baristas, the best avocado smash. They don’t do flavors, they do coffee. And they’re damn proud of it, as they should.
img_1199 img_1195
With locations growing as fast as bunnies procreate they are definitely one of the big happening things right now in the city. And for good reason. It always feels like going for a treat.
I love the shop because it is so incredibly spacious. The front is all enormous windows reaching from the floor to the ceiling, making you feel like it’s a safe place while still seeing the world strolling by right next to you. They offer a full breakfast, lunch and baked goods menu, locally sourced where possible. Laptop use is restricted in certain areas at certain times of the day to avoid the entire coffee shop being filled with people on their laptops. Even though I am sometimes one of them, I love this; things like this don’t come around that often anymore.

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The idea behind this coffee shop is simple: a (coffee) place to call home. I couldn’t agree more. The place is run by Allon and Sarah -husband and wife- who are both extremely experienced and skilled in the coffee and food industry. It’s called a marriage of coffee. Like, really, it doesn’t get much better than this.
When you find the heart in a place, I will happily lose mine to it.