Bruges, 2014-08-04

There’s a new museum in town! Yes, I agree that this might sound a bit weird and nerd-y, but I’m super exited about it and you know why? Because it’s a museum about beer, right in the historical center of Bruges, in one of its oldest and most architecturally beautiful buildings! Do I have your attention now?

The museum opened about two weeks ago, as an independent initiative of two young entrepreneurs who clearly love beer. The two friends and business partners were right in thinking that this country has long been known for its beer craft, and that a museum like this was clearly still missing. After paying the entrance fee (of € 11), each person receives their own mini-iPad and a headset. Whilst walking through the museum, you’ll find that each image has a QR-code next to it. By snapping a picture of the code with your iPad, you can read, listen or watch a video about the topic discussed: the history of beer in Belgium and other countries, the brewing processes, beer types (including beer in Bruges and Trappist beers), how beer tasting works, tips on how to combine beers with cheeses and so on. The full tour will take you about 2 hours, but it’s more than worth it! When you end your tour, follow the stairs to the bar where you hand in your mini-iPad. And here’s the fun part: in exchange, you receive three coupons for three beer degustations of your choice! Not only is the tasting area wonderfully designed, containing a beer library and a magnificent view over Bruges’ main square, it also offers a wide range and selection of smaller Belgian beers. I went for a classic Rodenbach Kriek, a Palm Hop Selection and a Steenbrugge White. What a great way to combine learning and pleasure! As a small bonus (as if it’s not already enough): the tour and explanations are available in 10 languages!

If you want to hop (ha!) by, here you can find all information: