Announcements, Contests, 2016-09-12

Gäst – by IKEA

Who doesn’t like a great dinner party with friends? Everyone right! And what if I tell you, you can give a dinner party without making an endless list of ingredients that you still have to go get at the supermarkt. That you don’t have to make sure you have the right decorations and candels. And… Read more »

Walldog World READ MORE

Announcements, 2016-02-22

Walldog World

I love traveling, but I also love being able to hold on to traveling by bringing something unique back from a place. I usually aim for some jewelry or a piece of clothing, something that I’ll actually use/wear and won’t disappear in a closet after a while. So when a whole while back Philippe from… Read more »


Announcements, 2015-12-14

WNM Gift List

The most hectic- we mean wonderful time of the year It’s that time of the year. You’re flooded with work, finals, last minute errands, Christmas parties for work or school, run down with a cold and somewhere in between you have to think of worthwhile gifts for those around you. You swear to yourself you… Read more »

Join Zhao this summer in Antwerp READ MORE

Announcements, 2015-07-13

Join Zhao this summer in Antwerp

Antwerp is more than just a beautiful city, there are a lot of activities planned during the summer that take place outside of the city. That’s what 22 year old Zhao Dandan is going to discover from the 16th of July to the 16th of August. She will fly all the way from China to… Read more »

Grönsaksbullar at IKEA READ MORE

Announcements, 2015-04-13

Grönsaksbullar at IKEA

We’ve got some good news for our vegetarian readers. IKEA has launched a new product: veggie balls. They are called grönsaksbullar, made from chickpeas and a variety of vegetables, including carrots, green peas, red pepper, onion and kale. Last week I had a chance to taste them and it was a lovely surprise. Normally you would… Read more »

50 years Granini READ MORE

Announcements, 2015-03-30

50 years Granini

When you hear juice, you might think of breakfast. But Granini is trying to change this. With 50 years of experience this brand has always pushed their team to innovate their drinks. Now to celebrate their 50th anniversary they launch a brand new edition: Granini Zest. A fresh combination of orange, pink grapefruit, mandarin and… Read more »

A Belgetarian Dinner Party READ MORE

Announcements, 2015-03-16

A Belgetarian Dinner Party

Some of you might know that I live in Belgium. Born & raised in Antwerp. Although my dad loves to prepare French meals, he did learn me how to make some classic Belgian dishes. One of my favorites is mashed with sausages and a mustard sauce. This sauce is pretty healthy, not too heavy on… Read more »

Charles Heidsieck READ MORE

Announcements, 2014-12-15

Charles Heidsieck

The holidays are coming up and what better way to celebrate than popping open a nice bottle of champagne ? Right, there’s always whisky but I’ll leave that conversation for another time. For now let’s talk bubbles. Thanks to Francine from Oona we we’re lucky enough to be invited to enjoy a private tour of… Read more »

Callas Confiture READ MORE

Announcements, 2014-12-15

Callas Confiture

Recently, Karen Depoorter from Callas Confiture in Gent invited a bunch of bloggers to try out her new confits in the formula of a workshop and lovely dinner. Deborah & I attended the workshop, together with fellow bloggers Melanie from Illy Vanilly, Marieke from Au Bain Marieke, Jozefien from Goestjes, Joke from De Hipste Adresjes… Read more »

A Starry Holiday with Lay’s Oven READ MORE

Announcements, 2014-11-03

A Starry Holiday with Lay’s Oven

We’ve been very busy in the Why Not Monday Kitchen these past couple of weeks. Lay’s Belgium asked us if we wanted to help promote their limited edition Lay’s Oven Stars. Although we don’t eat chips on a regular basis, we did like the idea. Lay’s Oven chips are perfect to create fun and easy… Read more »

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