Asia, 2014-06-16


Vietnamese food isn’t that famous (yet) as for instance Thai cuisine, but that is changing quickly and for good reason. As soon as we set foot in this charming country we were blown away with taste, texture and creativity. Every meal felt as a splurge, even if it was streetfood, so if food is high… Read more »

Lao food, a little bit different READ MORE

Asia, 2014-03-03

Lao food, a little bit different

Our first stop in Laos was Luang Namtha, a small town in the identically named northern province. The town is synonymous with eco and ethnic trekking, so you can find many companies providing guided tours, day treks or multiple days in the jungle. Since it was our first jungle trek we opted for the ‘moderate’… Read more »

Four recipes from a Thai Foodcourse READ MORE

Asia, 2014-02-17

Four recipes from a Thai Foodcourse

After tasting some of Thailand’s most well known and delicious dishes we decided it was time to do some cooking ourselves. Because of the protests in Bangkok we headed to Chiang Mai for a cooking course and boy did we learn a lot! What a great experience, since we participated as a couple we were… Read more »

Our taste of Bangkok READ MORE

Asia, 2014-02-03

Our taste of Bangkok

No wonder people return so enthusiastic about Thailand’s cuisine! Oh how exotic and exciting food can be… Everybody knows Pad Thai or Green Curry, but there is so much more to discover. The barbecued seafood in Chinatown, Bangkok, had us returning there every evening. The giant prawns and whole grilled fish are great value and… Read more »


Asia, 2014-01-13


The food in Myanmar isn’t as exciting as in Thailand, but still is far from plain. Burmese food can be quite tasty and is influenced a lot by its neighbors. As in most Asian countries, the main ingredient is rice. Other main dishes are curries, stir fry dishes and salads. “The curries are less spicy… Read more »

Cuisine of Nepal READ MORE

Asia, 2013-12-02

Cuisine of Nepal

When you think of Nepal, the food isn’t likely the first thing that comes in mind. To understand more of the cuisine it’s important that you are aware of the geographic position of Nepal between India and China, more specific Tibet. The religion is another factor, you won’t find beef on the menu (unless it’s… Read more »

the Chinese cuisine READ MORE

Asia, 2013-11-11

the Chinese cuisine

Probably the best way to discover Chinese food is to follow your palate and nose. Walk up to the street stalls or hole in the walls and simply point at what you would like to have, you’ll find that many Chinese people are eager to help or explain if possible. It is a culinary paradise… Read more »

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