25 Hours Hotel Bikini READ MORE

Berlin, Stay, Stay, 2015-01-19

25 Hours Hotel Bikini

Stay in the urban jungle I have to admit that I am a sucker for beautiful hotels. If you pay for a hotel, it might as well be a treat for the eyes. The 25 hours hotel chain has a selection of beautiful design hotels in Germany, Switzerland and Vienna. During the summer they were… Read more »


Berlin, Drink, 2015-01-19

NENI & Monkey Bar

On the rooftop of the wonderful 25 Hours Hotel Bikini you will find the NENI and Monkey Bar. This is the first hotel restaurant that caught my eye in a very long time. With a gorgeous panoramic view over the city and a light interior, NENI really is worth visiting. Eastern European restaurants are mostly kitsch… Read more »

Santa Maria READ MORE

Berlin, Eat, 2014-05-05

Santa Maria

Berlin has a lot of affordable and good quality restaurants, this is probably one of the reasons why I love this city so much, but Santa Maria is one of my favorite places to go before we go out. Located in Kreuzberg, it is the perfect starting point for a great evening. Not only do… Read more »

Street Food Thursday READ MORE

Berlin, Eat, 2014-03-10

Street Food Thursday

When it comes to food, Berlin has a lot to offer. The prices are low, the quality is good and every place has it’s own style. One of my favorite places in this foodie city is Markthallen Neun. Especially on Thursday evening, then it’s Street Food Thursday. An evening filled with delicious food from all… Read more »

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle READ MORE

Berlin, 2014-02-24

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle

Design lovers look out! Here is an initiative that I find interesting in many ways and which is absolutely worth mentioning for several reasons. What am I talking about? The Deutsche Bank KunstHalle is, how you might have noticed by the name, sponsored by Deutsche Bank. The whole initiative was brought forward under the name… Read more »

Ramones Museum Berlin READ MORE

Berlin, 2014-02-10

Ramones Museum Berlin

Four guys started a band and it turned out to be one of the most important bands in punk history. They embodied everything that was right and wrong about punk and rock and roll and they lived the life. They changed the scene and made it theirs. So a museum, dedicated to the Ramones and… Read more »

MioMatto: Pasta Pizza Passion READ MORE

Berlin, Eat, 2014-01-27

MioMatto: Pasta Pizza Passion

When you hear the words “Vegan restaurant”, you always think of an establishment that wouldn’t be described as modern.  Well MioMatto is a restautant that made me change that point of view of this cuisine. It was opened by the famous vegan chefs René Grun and Björn Moschinski in 2013, so it is quite new! They… Read more »


Berlin, Buy, 2013-12-16


Nowadays people mostly order their books online, but I still love going to a nice book store to accidentally find that one book you’ve been looking for. For me ordering online is a good solution if you can’t find the book, but browsing through books in a store is so much more fun so get… Read more »

marimekko READ MORE

Berlin, Buy, 2013-12-16


You like colorful patterns and individual design? Marimekko is what you’ll love. The Scandinavian brand, founded in 1951 in Finland is known for it’s very own designs for textiles and interiors. They work with different designers and themes for the seasons, always keeping it fresh and joyful. It is a wonderful way of putting color… Read more »

No Fire No Glory READ MORE

Berlin, Drink, Eat, 2013-12-02

No Fire No Glory

No Fire No Glory is one of those places I always go to when I am in Berlin. This very cosy coffee bar is located in Prenzlauerberg, or like the locals say “Prenzlberg”. An area known for the cool parents having breakfast with their kids in coffee bars and beautiful houses. No Fire No Glory… Read more »

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