Bruges, Visit, 2014-12-01

Bar Jus

We all recognise this moment – we absolutely and desperately need a glass of wine. To de-stress after work, to accompany a long-overdue chat with a good friend, to prepare for a night out, to have a last drink after dinner. Or just because you want to sip a delightfully refreshing bubbly, a fruity white wine or… Read more »

Bruges Beer Museum READ MORE

Bruges, 2014-08-04

Bruges Beer Museum

There’s a new museum in town! Yes, I agree that this might sound a bit weird and nerd-y, but I’m super exited about it and you know why? Because it’s a museum about beer, right in the historical center of Bruges, in one of its oldest and most architecturally beautiful buildings! Do I have your… Read more »

Goûts & Couleurs READ MORE

Bruges, 2014-03-03

Goûts & Couleurs

Last spring, young interior designer Ester De Vestele opened a store in Bruges. Goûts et Couleurs is a store where you can browse without being disturbed, in search for a nice gift. The pure, warm and natural materials are mainly of Dutch and Scandinavian origin. You will find numerous Scandinavian design brands: Ferm Living, Hay, House… Read more »

Staminee De Garre READ MORE

Bruges, 2014-01-06

Staminee De Garre

Everybody knows Bruges of its lovely walkways along the small channels, its churches and impressive museums of the Flemish primitives and overall its small chocolate and lace shops. But… in the shadow of the by UNESCO protected Belfry tower, a sideway of one of the busiest streets of the city, the Breidelstraat, there is a… Read more »

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