Bombay Sapphire READ MORE

Drink, London, Visit, 2016-09-12

Bombay Sapphire

A Distillery tour There are many perks to working at the Gallery Bar in Ace Hotel but being able to go to various distillery tours and trainings, as a cocktail lover, has to be my favorite. First off, getting to the Bombay Sapphire distillery is relatively easy. It’s located right outside of London and is… Read more »

Tearoom Richmond READ MORE

Drink, Eat, London, 2015-06-22

Tearoom Richmond

The best things happen to you when you least expect them. In the age of 4-G and google maps we almost forget the beauty of getting lost and exploring new neighbourhoods (in a ‘romantic wandering around’ kind of way and not ‘the battery died in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere’… Read more »

Maltby Street Market READ MORE

Drink, Eat, London, 2015-03-09

Maltby Street Market

Foodie heaven London is full of food markets where you can eat all kinds of street food, but the one at ropewalk is an absolute winner. The location is cute, not too crowded and its selection of vendors is just perfect. From a devine sour dough pizza to an avocado cafe. Yes, it’s foodie heaven!… Read more »

Workshop Coffee READ MORE

Drink, Eat, London, 2014-07-07

Workshop Coffee

The smell of a fresh brew, what’s not to love? When it comes to coffee, London sure has a lot to offer. On my way to the heart of Shoreditch I stopped a Workshop Coffee on Clerkenwell Road for an ice cold brew. Much needed on that hot Summer day in London. Workshop Coffee is… Read more »

Old Shoreditch Station READ MORE

Drink, Eat, London, 2014-07-07

Old Shoreditch Station

Establishments that are more than one thing always intriges me. Old Shoreditch Station is one of those places. It’s a cafe bar, a shop and an exhibition venue. All of that in a decommissioned train station. They want to be to a venue were creative talent can showcase their work and get a chance to… Read more »

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