Antwerp, Drink, Eat, 2015-01-05

Bar Chine

We always love it when there is a new establishment in town. As soon as we heard that the Chinese restaurant Cuichine opened their second place, we had to go. This restaurant in Zurenborg is known for its refined cuisine & modern take on traditional Chinese dishes, it also has a well deserved spot in… Read more »

Kolonel Koffie READ MORE

Antwerp, Drink, 2014-07-07

Kolonel Koffie

We all need those go-to places, those spots that are suited for whatever the situation calls for whether it’s a quick shot of some godly caffeine, a refuge from our hectic world to work in peace or an ideal setting to meet up with a friend. Kolonel Koffie is such a place. In a beautiful… Read more »


Antwerp, Drink, Eat, 2013-10-07


Oh boy, how I love bagels. When Barnini first opened in Antwerp a couple of years ago I was so happy. A place where they make everything themselves, so also fresh bagels. This establishment really shows that a lot of young people in Antwerp are trying to find their own jobs, follow their passion and… Read more »

Me &My Monkey READ MORE

Antwerp, Drink, Eat, 2013-09-30

Me &My Monkey

Me & My Monkey is definitly my new favorite spot in Antwerp. The name refers to the owners; Noah (drummer of Bed Rugs) and his dad decided to merge their forces and create this new coffee place. But don’t be mistaken, it’s not just a new coffee bar in town, not just one of those… Read more »

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