Chocolate milk cubes READ MORE

Dessert, Make, 2016-12-05

Chocolate milk cubes

Cold nights call for hot chocolate We’ve covered cookies but now let’s get into the serious stuff: hot chocolate. Powered hot chocolate is an easy fix for your craving but will not satisfy as much as a proper home-made one. Some of you might have seen the recent IKEA collaboration on their Facebook page so… Read more »

Vegan Almond Butter Cookies READ MORE

Dessert, Make, 2016-11-14

Vegan Almond Butter Cookies

A rich and crunchy afternoon treat Christmas is coming closer so it’s time to practice our baking skills. For this recipe I wanted to try a vegan variation of the loved chocolate chip cookie. For some reason people can’t imagine vegan pastries to be as good as regular ones, they are SO wrong. Vegan baking… Read more »

The Perfect Summer Dessert! READ MORE

Dessert, Make, 2014-08-11

The Perfect Summer Dessert!

To be honest, summer decided  this weekend to turn its back to Belgium, but maybe you are more lucky in your home countries. And to celebrate that, or to bring back summer in the grey and rainy houses of the poor Belgians, I’ll suggest you a most easy and summer-y dessert that all of you… Read more »

Shortbread cookies READ MORE

Dessert, Make, 2014-03-31

Shortbread cookies

I visited London last week and therefore I made some cookies to enjoy the Eurostar trip. I chose to make some shortbread, a typical biscuit from the UK. Shortbread is so named because of its crumbly texture. This comes from an old meaning of the word short.  This recipe for shortbread is very easy, with ingredients that are… Read more »

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