Volmer Tonic READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2017-02-13

Volmer Tonic

Spring is around the corner and the oranges are as juicy as they can get. Thinking of serving of an apéro that invites your guests to dream of a hot Summer nights? Well, you might want to try Volmer for your next dinner party. Volmer is a refreshing aperitif with a bitter-sweet taste and a… Read more »

A Pirate’s Heart READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2016-03-21

A Pirate’s Heart

Looking for an easy to make drink that packs a bit of a punch ? Look no further ! Perfect before or after dinner, this drink might be a bit boozy but goes down easy. No need to be a rum lover to enjoy this drink either, the Drambuie adds a bit of sweetness and… Read more »

Raspberry Rumble READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2015-12-28

Raspberry Rumble

Fresh & fruity, a perfect way to start the new year We’ve gotten into the festive spirit with a rum based cocktail for Christmas but there’s nothing like Vodka to get the party really started in the New Year. You only need 4 ingredients for this cocktail so it’ll be a breeze to make, no… Read more »

Christmas in a glass READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2015-12-07

Christmas in a glass

Ho-ho-ho is that rum I taste ? I don’t know about you but December calls for cozy cocktails and what better spirit to use than rum ? Kraken rum to be more precise ! This holiday I am using Kitchenaid’s Artisan Magnetic Blender to whirl up some quick yet fancy cocktails for you. Having never… Read more »

Celebration Margaritas READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2015-09-14

Celebration Margaritas

Happy birthday Why Not Monday ! Happy birthday ME ! To celebrate this joyous occasion, I decided to spend my sunday afternoon making some classic margaritas for the London squad. (After Julie stuffed my face with a mexican feast, thanks boo) I decided to use Patrón Reposado Tequila instead of the classic Silver Patrón, it’s… Read more »

Watermelon Cîroc READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2015-08-17

Watermelon Cîroc

What says summer more than watermelon ? A watermelon vodka fruit punch ofcourse ! For my third and last installment of Cîroc cocktails, I’ve decided to tackle this amazing fruit punch recipe. This is by far my favorite of the cocktails I’ve made with Cîroc, it’s just so much fun and you can add however… Read more »

Cîroc & Champagne READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2015-07-27

Cîroc & Champagne

For my second installment of Cîroc cocktails, I kept it simple and classy. I based my recipe off of the Cîroc Lola but I cut out the juice and replaced the elderflower liqueur with this lovely pear & elderflower posh pop from Breckland Orchard. The pear works wonderfully with the champagne. I had never heard… Read more »

50 shades of blue Cîroc READ MORE

Drinks, Make, 2015-07-13

50 shades of blue Cîroc

When life, or Cîroc in this case, hands you a bottle of Vodka.. make cocktails ! And lots of them ! We’re starting off with an easy one this week, but it packs a bit of a punch. I opted for a bit more Vodka in my recipe and a little less blue Curaçao because… Read more »

Dahoud at Dogma Cocktails READ MORE

Drinks, Watch, 2015-07-13

Dahoud at Dogma Cocktails

Angel Share’s famous cocktail This Summer I will share with you a series about cocktails served to you by Didier from Dogma Cocktails. This young talented bartender has a passion for our favorite kind of drinks and he wants to share his secrets with you! So we created this mini series together for you to… Read more »

Aperol Spritz READ MORE

Drinks, 2015-06-01

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz reminds me of the summer of 2011. Back then this drink was popular again thanks to Vitrin in Antwerp. Everybody was drinking it and it was the perfect apéro for those hot summer nights. Now they serve it in a large balloon glass but I like it in a short whiskey glass, like… Read more »

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