Why you need a butcher’s block READ MORE

Make, Tools, 2016-09-19

Why you need a butcher’s block

Big or small, every kitchen needs a butcher’s block For me, the beating heart of a home is the kitchen. It’s the space where I experiment and often make a crazy mess. One year ago I moved into a cozy flat in London with my partner, as most of them don’t have a sea of space. It is… Read more »


Tools, 2015-07-27


Moulinex Belgium asked Why Not Monday to test their newest cooking food processor. This review will give you the upsides and downside, what we like about it and why you should get it according to us. To test the machines we’ve tried 3 recipes in total: a soup, a main course and a pastry recipe…. Read more »

Popcorn Machine READ MORE

Tools, 2014-08-03

Popcorn Machine

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh popcorn? I absolutely do. When prepared in a smart way, it is actually a “healthy” snack. At least it’s better than chips. Last time we shared a popcorn recipe for in a simple pan. The downside to this recipe is the grease,  it makes your kitchen a mess… Read more »

Kitchenaid Cordless Hand Blender READ MORE

Tools, 2013-12-16

Kitchenaid Cordless Hand Blender

We all know that when it comes to kitchen supplies, it doesn’t come cheap. But if you think about it, it make sense. Most of the tools, you use on a daily basis. So don’t be surprised when it falls into pieces after a while. Two months ago I moved to Berlin and as a… Read more »

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