Naked for Satan READ MORE

Melbourne, 2014-10-27

Naked for Satan

It’s this kind of mysterious place that everyone tells you to go to and you arrive with this slightly nervous feeling about what may be waiting for you at this bar called Naked for Satan. What a maddish name. Will there be naked people? Is it some kind of malicious place where burning flames are… Read more »

The Workshop Bar READ MORE

Melbourne, 2014-10-20

The Workshop Bar

The Attributes of Melbourne. Melbourne is the city of coffee. And good food. And hidden places. And street art. And hipsters. Which one of these things came first and dragged everything else after it, I don’t know. Maybe it all works in a symbioses – if one was missing, nothing would be complete anymore. Melbourne… Read more »

The Melbourne Guide READ MORE

Melbourne, 2013-11-04

The Melbourne Guide

After three weeks of Asia, I’m travelling one month in the land of cricket, kangaroo and beaches: Australia. The first week I spent in Melbourne. One week in this city might sound a lot, but it really isn’t. It is just “Aussie-awesome”. It has everything: great bars, lovely shops, a bit of culture and nature,… Read more »

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