Folks And Sparrows READ MORE

Paris, 2014-12-08

Folks And Sparrows

Have you come across this ( hipster business generator? It made me laugh out loud. Then, I realized that my new favourite coffee bar/concept store in Paris matches the ‘word&word’ concept too. Yes, Folks And Sparrows is a hip(ster) place. But it is more than just a perfectly stylish place with old stonewalls and beautiful… Read more »

Télescope READ MORE

Paris, 2014-10-27


When I opened the roof window, chilly air blew into my face and for a moment, it was only me and the cooing pigeons welcoming the rising sun over the roofs of Paris. Growing nostalgia let me go back to the wonderful French capital few days in October. Staying in my dear friend’s roof studio… Read more »

Street Good – Miznon READ MORE

Paris, 2014-08-18

Street Good – Miznon

Paris – being a trendsetter not only when it comes to fashion – has not missed to follow the Street Food trend. Eating simple, cheap and quick food with your hands is hip. By which I do not mean Junk Food. It is skilled chefs that are preparing delicious food with fresh, good ingredients and… Read more »

Heures Heureuses de Paris READ MORE

Paris, 2014-05-26

Heures Heureuses de Paris

In addition to my bright red Swiss passport, I now possess a golden passport «Heures Heureuses de Paris». The latter allows me to wander from one bar or restaurant to the next during the early evenings of May 21 – 23 and get a small tasting and/or a glass of wine for 2€.  280 culinary… Read more »

Chez Alain Miam Miam READ MORE

Paris, 2014-03-24

Chez Alain Miam Miam

Alain did not invent efficiency. He lives in his own crêpe world, I guess it is a funny and delicious, colourful universe. When Alain has his hot crêpe plates in front of himself, he is in his element. Off the cuff, he pours a ladle of brown buckwheat dough on one plate, starts unpacking the… Read more »

Restaurant Day READ MORE

Paris, 2014-02-17

Restaurant Day

Start a day with a walk through the streets of Paris, always with the Eiffel Tower in the view, under blue sky and first shy but already strong rays of sun, with birds singing happily and an air that promises the arrival of spring. Then, stroll over a market, so colourful and lively that it… Read more »

Bob’s Juice Bar READ MORE

Paris, 2014-01-20

Bob’s Juice Bar

If you let me choose between an orange or an orange juice, I would always go for the orange. I literally like to get my teeth into something. I just find it more satisfying and filling to eat rather than to drink. However, I was not indifferent to all the articles regarding cold pressed juices… Read more »

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