Holiday break in Mallorca READ MORE

Palma de Mallorca, Stay, Travel Guide, 2016-09-26

Holiday break in Mallorca

Five days in Mallorca Waking up at 4am doesn’t sound half as bad when you know you’re heading to Mallorca for a perfect little end of summer holiday. We had a 7am flight in Brussels with JetairFly (which has since changed its name to TUIfly)  and what I liked most about flying with TUIfly is the way they… Read more »

Frankfurt READ MORE

Eat, Stay, Travel Guide, 2016-06-27


FRANKFURT AM MAIN It’s always the same cities we write about. Therefor we believed it was time to make a city trip to cities which are a less obvious choice. We started with Rotterdam and the second one was Frankfurt! You’ll all have heard of Frankfurt, the financial heart of Europe.  Does it have more to offer? Yes… Read more »

Amsterdam North READ MORE

Amsterdam, Drink, Eat, Travel Guide, 2016-04-18

Amsterdam North

If you’ve been to Amsterdam before there is a high chance you have visited the historical city centre with its famous canals. However, if you’re planning a(nother) trip to the Dutch capital and you’re in for something different, apart from the touristic spots, you have got to visit Amsterdam North. Just a 5 minute boat… Read more »

Oh Rotterdam! READ MORE

Eat, Rotterdam, Stay, Travel Guide, 2015-11-02

Oh Rotterdam!

Amsterdam, that delightful city with its beautiful moats, medieval houses and entertaining hot-spots. But as everyone these days already seems to know about this one, we went to the other ‘dam’. Rotterdam. Where we fell in love instantly. Sleeping amidst students Rotterdam is a true student city. It has amazing hotels with fantastic views, however we… Read more »

Why you should visit Iceland READ MORE

Travel Guide, 2015-08-24

Why you should visit Iceland

7 reasons why you should visit Iceland Sick of laying on a beach, jam packed with people, sweating as you try to cool yourself with an iced frappe? Want to try something more adventurous and refreshing than spending most of your holiday at a hotel, only leaving to drag yourself to the nearest museum? Well then, we might… Read more »

A weekend in Rome READ MORE

Travel Guide, Visit, 2015-08-24

A weekend in Rome

Reporters flying to Rome and back Life starts and ends in Stokey, a famous man once said. Our trip to Rome did start in Stokey, long before the actual date of flight. We were flaneuring somewhere between Clissold Park and a Turkish barber shop, watching summer walk by. We both love Nook. And that day… Read more »

Food in Iceland READ MORE

Travel Guide, 2015-08-17

Food in Iceland

An unexpected side of Iceland My expectations of the Icelandic cuisine were pretty low. It being an island, I thought they would have a small selection of commonly used vegetables, and an occasional whale or shark steak. But during my trip to this beautiful country my perception changed completely. You might have noticed in my… Read more »

City Explorers guide for Hamburg READ MORE

Hamburg, Travel Guide, 2015-07-27

City Explorers guide for Hamburg

Two days in vibrant Hamburg Your destination shouldn’t always be Berlin when you travel to Germany. Palladium Boots invited Why Not Monday to explore Hamburg to write our own City Explorers guide and I didn’t have to think twice. Kristina, one of our contributors, lives there and this city has been on my list for over… Read more »

Eat, sleep, repeat in Barcelona READ MORE

Barcelona, Travel Guide, Visit, 2014-11-03

Eat, sleep, repeat in Barcelona

Not only is Barcelona a very popular destination in the summer, even in autumn  you can still soak up some sun.  Although sucky weather can be quite a deal breaker when you‘re city tripping, the sun is not what makes Barcelona so great. It’s a city with the perfect combination between sea/beach, culture and of… Read more »

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