The Eatery READ MORE

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The Eatery

For everyone who is travelling the east coast of Australia, Byron Bay is a must. But I don’t have to tell you that – most everyone finds out about that anyway. And since Byron Bay is very popular with not only international travellers, but also Australian holiday-makers, it has a lot to offer. Next to… Read more »

The Q on Harris READ MORE

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The Q on Harris

You know how it is on the first day in a big city that you have yet to explore. You want to see it all, but you have no idea how to start. You might get a map from somewhere, figure out where you are and then decide for one place that you want to go… Read more »

Sheffield Lady by Daniel Wellington READ MORE

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Sheffield Lady by Daniel Wellington

I told you the story of the Daniel Wellington brand in our review of the Bristol. A Swedish brand inspired by a stylish English gentleman. But how is it to wear it? For these last 2 weeks I’ve been showing off my new watch. The beautiful Sheffield for ladies is stylish and matches a lot… Read more »

The Bristol by Daniel Wellington READ MORE

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The Bristol by Daniel Wellington

The first time I heard the name of this stylish brand, I thought it was British. But actually it’s Swedish. The founder, Filip Tysander, was inspired during his trip when he met an intriguing gentleman who was well-dressed, always relaxed and loved to wear his watch on old NATO straps. You might be able to… Read more »

Elisabeth Chocolatier Workshop READ MORE

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Elisabeth Chocolatier Workshop

You might not think of a chocolatier as a destination for your ingredients while making your own dessert, but at the workshop with Elisabeth Chocolatier & Les Filles de Bruxelles I learnt otherwise. Here are two recipes we made that great afternoon.   Pavlova with cream cheese, meringues and a blood orange sirup What do… Read more »

Monday Playlist READ MORE

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Monday Playlist

This week I am taking over the Monday Playlist. Hi! I am Glenn, managing partner at Lunar Gravity, a boutique digital production studio in Antwerp. Finding new music is -besides coffee- one of his greatest sources of fresh energy. You can find me on Twitter and Spotify! Seven tunes that make my Monday better, every time…. Read more »

The Monday Playlist READ MORE

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The Monday Playlist

Did the last playlist of 2014, doing the first one for 2015. A new year means lots of new music, but also some new ideas to try out. From now on we’ll also be using Soundcloud playlists! This gives me the opportunity to finally share some tracks that aren’t available on Youtube. Monsoonsiren – Sullen… Read more »

Hugo’s for NYE READ MORE

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Hugo’s for NYE

Looking for a drink to serve on the last night of the year? The Hugo is what you need! This sparkly cocktail is ready in 1-2-3 and has a lovely ingredient: elderflower syrup. We wrote down the steps on a piece of paper, framed it in a DIY glitter frame for our guests to make… Read more »

DIY 2015 decorations READ MORE

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DIY 2015 decorations

Why spend a lot of money on decorations when you can make them yourself with leftover christmas decorations! Get crafty, this DIY takes a bit more time but it is worth it! You can make them as big as you want. The bigger the bolder, no? Have fun with it. What do you need?  Carton… Read more »


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DIY Party Hats

What’s a party without a theme? But you can’t expect your guests to get crafty themselves. Roll up those sleeves and make these cute party hats. Done in no time! You can also use them as decoration, let us know how it went. What do you need?  VINTERMYS wrapping paper sticky tape stampler VINTERMYS garland… Read more »

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