Vienna, 2014-08-25


Oh Dear! I love this place. The food is to die for and the atmosphere is so relaxed, you’ll just want to move your office there. And you know what. You can. Because at this wonderful place called Marks, you have WLAN and everything you need for a day with your laptop.  But that’s actually… Read more »

Flatschers READ MORE

Vienna, 2014-08-18


You know this saying? Being a vegetarian is a huge missed steak! No offense, but if you are one of the meat-eating human beings and you’ve tried the steaks at Flatschers, you will be sure that this is the wisest saying on earth. I guess, most of us don’t eat steak very often and when… Read more »


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You need to have this one mexican place in every city. This place, where you can order decent burritos, fajitas and enchiladas. Where you can sink into the taste of guacamole, spices and meat and enjoy a nice cocktail on the side. A perfect place for chilly evenings in the summer or for celebrating nights… Read more »

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Vienna, 2014-04-21

Budapest Bistro

You know those days where coming home from work only means coming home to more work? Yes!? The day I discovered the Budapest Bistro was one of those days. So, I decided that procrastination wasn’t such a bad thing and walked into this little unconspicuous bistro only to discover that it wasn’t that unconspicuous at all. It’s… Read more »


Vienna, Vienna, 2014-04-14


Folks, it is hard to decide on a place to write about when you are supposed to choose from more than 2140 coffee houses, 900 snack stands and uncountable restaurants and pubs. But here we go. A first try of capturing the variety of Vienna’s gastronomy. The edison is a café, restaurant and bar and… Read more »

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Vienna, 2014-02-24

das möbel

You know those situations, when you are at a café, and all you keep thinking is: “Mhm…coffee is good, but wow, the interior is cool! I wish I could have that at my place! Where can I buy this stuff?” Well, I declare your problem as officially solved by this moment. You have found what… Read more »

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