Amsterdam North READ MORE

Amsterdam, Drink, Eat, Travel Guide, 2016-04-18

Amsterdam North

If you’ve been to Amsterdam before there is a high chance you have visited the historical city centre with its famous canals. However, if you’re planning a(nother) trip to the Dutch capital and you’re in for something different, apart from the touristic spots, you have got to visit Amsterdam North. Just a 5 minute boat… Read more »

Mercure Amsterdam City READ MORE

Amsterdam, Stay, 2014-11-03

Mercure Amsterdam City

After the wonderful opening of the new lobby at the Mercure hotel, check out the video we shot right here, I was invited to spend the night. The hotel is located just outside the center, so it’s perfect if you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of an energetic city like Amsterdam… Read more »

Orso Pizzeria READ MORE

Antwerp, Eat, 2014-08-25

Orso Pizzeria

Who doesn’t love pizza? Especially a good organic pizza with a perfect dough and buffalo mozarella. When I first saw the menu of Orso I wanted to cheer. It’s a small but perfect menu, every option has that one ingredient which makes this place not your average pizzeria. Oh, by the way, did I already… Read more »

Relaxing in Amsterdam READ MORE

Amsterdam, 2014-08-18

Relaxing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is probably one of the most popular city trip destinations of Europe. This doesn’t mean it can’t be a relaxing weekend away. A beautiful city with a lot of water, great places to eat, still pretty green, and located in the country where riding a bike is like walking. There are plenty of guides… Read more »

Stout&co READ MORE

Amsterdam, Stay, Stay, 2014-08-18


The past year I have learned that there are a lot of people who dare to take a risk to create something they have always wanted. After talking to Steven & Stefan, I knew they are part of this inspiring group of people. It takes a lot of guts to take a leap of faith and… Read more »


Amsterdam, Eat, 2014-08-11


Asian cuisine is probably one of my favorites. Especially in the evening, you don’t feel too full but you aren’t hungry anymore. Amsterdam has a lot to offer when it comes to restaurants, but when I saw KU on Yelp I had to try it. Who doesn’t love cocktails & asian food? This Japanese restaurant… Read more »

De Stadskantine READ MORE

Amsterdam, 2013-12-02

De Stadskantine

Hello Monday lovers, “Are you visiting Amsterdam, but did you spend too much money on buying christmas presents?” If you recognize this problem, there is no need to live on bread and water for the coming days. The only thing you should do is visit De Stadskantine. De Stadskantine is located in the buzzing neighbourhood of… Read more »

Bar Moustache READ MORE

Amsterdam, Drink, Eat, 2013-11-11

Bar Moustache

Are you planning an autumn weekend in Amsterdam? Good idea! One of the first things I think about when visiting a new city apart from a place to stay is: where to eat? There sure is a lot of choice in Amsterdam. Do you find it hard to choose where to go? Let me help you… Read more »

Boterham READ MORE

Amsterdam, Eat, 2013-09-23


Manon Novak is the young woman behind ‘Boterham‘, a concept store where lifestyle, art, fashion, good coffee and bread come together. Boterham is located in the heart of the Amstelcampus in Amsterdam, next to the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. After her long career as a musical singer, Manon Novak followed her heart and created Boterham. Boterham is… Read more »

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