Antwerp, Stay, 2016-03-14


No doubt one of the perfect remedies to cure your winterblues and issues is a day of wellness. Private wellness is even better. So this is what my friend and I did this week at the bed & breakfast and spa resort Bora Bora. As soon as we arrived, the very friendly and helpful owner of the… Read more »


Antwerp, Eat, 2015-10-12


We all know pizza is a typical Italian dish, although some people say it has its origin in China. We’ve all eaten the traditional margarita, quattro stagione or proscuitto. At Otomat however they thought it was time for something new. A pizza 2.0. They previously saw it in big cities all over the world. Now Antwerp is… Read more »


Antwerp, Stay, 2015-06-22

Hotel O

After a long and beautiful wedding day, Pavlos and I got the chance to stay in one of Hotel O’s two branches for our wedding night. The location we stayed in is right across from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in the South area of Antwerp (also known as ‘t Zuid), well known for… Read more »

Simply Emily READ MORE

Antwerp, Eat, 2015-04-06

Simply Emily

When it comes to soups, we usually think about it as a warm veggie bowl at home or when you’re sick. But here it is, Emily, the soup’s master of Antwerp turned it into a daily-delicious meal with her first small restaurant « Simply Emily » Perfectly situated on the lovely Hendrik Conscienceplein, Simply Emily was created… Read more »


Antwerp, Drink, Eat, 2015-01-05

Bar Chine

We always love it when there is a new establishment in town. As soon as we heard that the Chinese restaurant Cuichine opened their second place, we had to go. This restaurant in Zurenborg is known for its refined cuisine & modern take on traditional Chinese dishes, it also has a well deserved spot in… Read more »

Orso Pizzeria READ MORE

Antwerp, Eat, 2014-08-25

Orso Pizzeria

Who doesn’t love pizza? Especially a good organic pizza with a perfect dough and buffalo mozarella. When I first saw the menu of Orso I wanted to cheer. It’s a small but perfect menu, every option has that one ingredient which makes this place not your average pizzeria. Oh, by the way, did I already… Read more »

Kolonel Koffie READ MORE

Antwerp, Drink, 2014-07-07

Kolonel Koffie

We all need those go-to places, those spots that are suited for whatever the situation calls for whether it’s a quick shot of some godly caffeine, a refuge from our hectic world to work in peace or an ideal setting to meet up with a friend. Kolonel Koffie is such a place. In a beautiful… Read more »


Antwerp, 2014-06-02


Although they are closed on Mondays, this new spot in Antwerp did make it to our list. BLT stands for Breakfast, Lunch and Tapas but the famous sandwich is also present on their menu. It’s perfect for those who love a back-to-basics lunch in a light and contemporary interior. Don’t let the name fool you,… Read more »


Antwerp, Eat, 2014-05-19


Great food, perfect location, well-made drinks and the loveliest people you will ever meet. These are just a few of my favorite things about Tartine. Also, brunch and bubbles are the perfect excuse to get up early and start the day. Located in the heart of Antwerp, Tartine started small but quickly grew to be… Read more »

Maltlovers READ MORE

Announcements, Antwerp, 2014-02-24


Since I am a self-proclaimed avid Whisky enthousiast, it’s about time I introduce you guys to the Maltlovers. The group is founded in Belgium by Ben Floren (Boefie) and Jeroen Van Dyck (PDG), they have being going strong for the past 3 years and have done 12 tastings up till now. In anticipation of their… Read more »

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