Eat, Ghent, Visit, 2015-12-18


Perfect Ghent spot to have a quick and healthy lunch break: Soepplus. Its central location near arts centre Vooruit as well as the daily fresh served food and pleasant interior give the place its character and make it an at least once must visit. How does it work? As easy and sufficient as possible is… Read more »


Buy, Drink, Eat, Ghent, 2015-11-09


WATT has everything under one roof. The new Ghent-based platform houses ten different concepts in a vacant seventies building. The result is a wilful mix of design, art, food and drinks. To begin with my number one favourite: brunch spot Boom is a must visit for anyone who loves healthy, yet delicious food with a twist. Coincidentally a… Read more »

Paard van Troje READ MORE

Ghent, 2014-04-14

Paard van Troje

Owners Bart van Aken and Annelies Joos run the best bookstore in the city as Paard Van Troje (Ghent) is so much more than just another average book shop. Bart and Annelies regard ‘the book’ as an honest, irreplaceable product, and that’s something you can notice. Inspired by book shops in London and New York, where buying… Read more »


Ghent, 2014-04-14

Bar Bidon

Bar Bidon is a cozy coffee / bike shop. And yep, retro bicycles determine the interior. Proud owner Annelies Browaeys sells a few cycling brands, including Pashley, Cooper and Tokyobike. She is the only one who sells these kind of bicycle brands in Ghent and throughout Belgium there are only three traders, so it’s pretty exclusive…. Read more »

Piet Moodshop READ MORE

Ghent, 2014-02-10

Piet Moodshop

Finding the perfect gift can be quite a challenging task. Especially when you don’t know the person that well or you already had to buy them a lot of gifts over the years. After a while you just don’t have any inspiration anymore. Well good news for those who live in Ghent or don’t mind… Read more »

Clouds In My Coffee READ MORE

Ghent, 2014-01-06

Clouds In My Coffee

Clouds in My Coffee is one of the most popular coffee bars in Ghent. If you follow locals on Instagram, you would have probably seen a food pic from this place. We hadn’t been there and it was still on my list. So on the last Sunday of 2013, we had to have brunch at… Read more »

Panorama Bar READ MORE

Ghent, 2013-12-09

Panorama Bar

So we now all know my favorite coffee place in Antwerp. But where do you need to be for great coffee in Ghent? I’ll be honest, when I first saw Panorama Bar, i fell for the looks of it. The logo, menus and business cards are made by Deirdre Lewis, her work is always stunning… Read more »

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