25h hotel Hamburg Hafencity READ MORE

Hamburg, Stay, 2015-08-24

25h hotel Hamburg Hafencity

Welcome to your cabin During our visit to Hamburg, Bas and I stayed at 25 hours Hotel. After my last stay in Hamburg I didn’t have to think twice when looking for a hotel. This hotel chain has worked out a formula for the ultimate hotel experience for our generation. Everything you love, you will… Read more »

City Explorers guide for Hamburg READ MORE

Hamburg, Travel Guide, 2015-07-27

City Explorers guide for Hamburg

Two days in vibrant Hamburg Your destination shouldn’t always be Berlin when you travel to Germany. Palladium Boots invited Why Not Monday to explore Hamburg to write our own City Explorers guide and I didn’t have to think twice. Kristina, one of our contributors, lives there and this city has been on my list for over… Read more »

„Y“ by Herbary READ MORE

Hamburg, 2015-05-18

„Y“ by Herbary

Food is the new favorite playground in the urban city scene.The ongoing interest in cooking, produce and new forms of eating finds expression in the recent rise in new cafés and restaurants, enhancing the local gastro scene. However, truly innovative and new formats are rare. Nevertheless, once in a while there grows a new space… Read more »

Stockholm Espresso Club READ MORE

Hamburg, 2014-07-20

Stockholm Espresso Club

I still remember the first time I walked into this little café. Friends had told me about the excellent coffee but the name alone was enough to turn on my curiosity button. After having lived in Sweden for more than a year, I sincerely missed a true “fika”. Fika is the Swedish word for sharing a coffee and something… Read more »

Otto’s Burgers READ MORE

Hamburg, 2014-06-02

Otto’s Burgers

Why yet another burger place? That’s exactly what I was wondering when I heard about the opening of Otto’s Burger. Don’t get me wrong, I never say no to a piece of delicious meat grilled to perfection and I’m not the only one out there –  obviously there must be a reason why burger foodstagrams… Read more »

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