Şişli Balıkçısı READ MORE

Istanbul, 2014-10-13

Şişli Balıkçısı

Şişli Balıkçısı is one of the best spots to have a quick fish lunch or diner. I went there at least once a week because it’s close to my house and it is a cheap but amazing fresh meal. There were even moments that I came back from school and before I walked home from… Read more »

Delicatessen READ MORE

Istanbul, 2014-06-23


Merhaba, fine dining, what is that in fact? They know what it is at Delicatessen. They have two locations. One in Nişantaşı and one in Shishane. I went to the second one. Once you enter you will see it is a small and cosy place to be. A long beautiful bar were they make delicious cocktails. There… Read more »


Istanbul, 2014-04-14


Wauw, wauw, wauw what a place. If you want to get to know the meaning of Turkish fine dining this is the place to be. It is situated in Nişantaşı which is one of the more posh areas in Istanbul. Here you can come for a lunch or early diner because they close around 21h… Read more »

Adana Ocakbaşı READ MORE

Istanbul, 2014-03-31

Adana Ocakbaşı

Merhaba! Due to my Erasmus studies I had the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Istanbul. I immediately fell in love with this city because there is so much to explore. A city with more than 18 million citizens. For my first post on the Why Not Monday website I start with one of… Read more »

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