Bombay Sapphire READ MORE

Drink, London, Visit, 2016-09-12

Bombay Sapphire

A Distillery tour There are many perks to working at the Gallery Bar in Ace Hotel but being able to go to various distillery tours and trainings, as a cocktail lover, has to be my favorite. First off, getting to the Bombay Sapphire distillery is relatively easy. It’s located right outside of London and is… Read more »

E8 during the weekend READ MORE

London, Visit, 2015-11-23

E8 during the weekend

The Dalston Guide If you have already visited London a couple of times you might be in need for a change. Jumping on that train in Brussels or Paris is really tempting thanks to Eurostar’s frequent deals, especially considering you arrive in London in no time. Most travel guides tend to advise visiting West-London, but anyone who lives here… Read more »

The Anchor READ MORE

Eat, London, 2015-08-03

The Anchor

Fish&Chips in ‘The ‘Anchor’ Eating fish and chips is a must when you’re in England for the first time ! English cuisine is not my personal favourite because I find it a little bit too heavy and oily, but I couldn’t resist the mouth watering combination of fish and chips even though both the ingredients are… Read more »

The Stokey Guide READ MORE

London, Visit, 2015-06-29

The Stokey Guide

Getting out of the city, exploring Stoke Newington This is a guide for those who have already visited London quite a bit and wish to discover a different part of this exciting city. Take the bus North East and you’ll end up in a cozy neighbourhood that has so much to offer and is perfect… Read more »

Tearoom Richmond READ MORE

Drink, Eat, London, 2015-06-22

Tearoom Richmond

The best things happen to you when you least expect them. In the age of 4-G and google maps we almost forget the beauty of getting lost and exploring new neighbourhoods (in a ‘romantic wandering around’ kind of way and not ‘the battery died in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere’… Read more »

Maltby Street Market READ MORE

Drink, Eat, London, 2015-03-09

Maltby Street Market

Foodie heaven London is full of food markets where you can eat all kinds of street food, but the one at ropewalk is an absolute winner. The location is cute, not too crowded and its selection of vendors is just perfect. From a devine sour dough pizza to an avocado cafe. Yes, it’s foodie heaven!… Read more »


Eat, London, 2014-08-25


The best ceviche in Europe Making ceviche is a serious business in Peru. Ceviche is the Peruvian national dish of fish, marinated in lime juice, chilli and salt. When travelling through the country last year, we ate it in several cities. It’s really refreshing and you never get bored of it. Everything you need to know about… Read more »

Generator Hostel, London READ MORE

London, Stay, 2014-07-14

Generator Hostel, London

For design savvy travelers. Generator Hostels is part of a new generation of hostels offering good quality at low prices. Situated close to the King’s Cross Station, it has been voted one of London’s best hostels. Cosy rooms and social spaces in a 100% design atmosphere.   “I’m super stylish, sociable and contemporary while all… Read more »

From Soho to Shoreditch READ MORE

London, 2014-07-14

From Soho to Shoreditch

A guide for a weekend in Shoreditch London is huge! Bigger than most capitals. That makes it a challenge when you go on a citytrip. Making a good planning before leaving is quite important, or just knowing which neighborhood suits you best to wander around can save you a lot of time. When going on… Read more »


London, 2014-07-14


Middle Eastern flavours with a western twist Looking for the best bites of Middle Eastern food? When in London.. go visit NOPI. I’m a big fan of Ottolenghi, with his cookbooks ‘Plenty’, ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘The Cookbook’, you have everything to create dishes full of taste, a great party for your tastebuds. Ottolenghi’s cooking style is… Read more »

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