Tamper Coffee READ MORE

Drink, Eat, UK, 2017-03-06

Tamper Coffee

With Kiwi influences and kiwi food Tamper Coffee brings a taste of New Zealand’s best to the independent coffee shop scene in Sheffield. The pride and joy of the business is, rightly so, their coffee. With a variety of different brews and blends available Tamper is worth a visit if only for a cup of… Read more »

The Lucky Fox READ MORE

Drink, Eat, UK, 2017-02-13

The Lucky Fox

The Lucky Fox in Sheffield is a must visit if you’re in the city. The menu has a selection of variations of their fried chicken speciality such as chicken burgers, chicken and chips, and the Lucky Fox’s famous chicken and waffles. An unlikely match made in heaven. If chicken isn’t your thing, they offer a… Read more »

A Sweet Little Cafe READ MORE

Drink, Eat, NYC, 2016-11-28

A Sweet Little Cafe

The sweet little cafe is exactly what its name does suspect: a sweet little cafe.Located in downtown Brooklyn, a little tucked into one of the side street, you would almost miss it if you didn’t know it was there. There is not much more room than a few 2 person tables lined up against one… Read more »

Bluestone Lane READ MORE

Drink, Eat, NYC, 2016-10-17

Bluestone Lane

About a year ago, right after I had started my new job, I walked into the office one day with a coffee from Starbucks I grabbed quickly on my way in (like a true New Yorker, right?). A sight upon which my new boss, who is Australian, said ‘Let’s go grab you some real coffee.’… Read more »

Jack’s wife Freda READ MORE

Drink, Eat, NYC, 2015-07-06

Jack’s wife Freda

It’s worth the hustle Jack’s wife Freda is one of those NYC places that I walked by and saw for a billion times before I finally made it there. It’s an all day walk-in cafe and one of those places that are always buzzing. Often they have a 2h wait for lunch on a random… Read more »


Drink, NYC, 2015-05-04

MAZA Espresso Bar

Coffee in the West Village I stumbled upon MAZA late on a Saturday looking for a nice quiet place to talk with a friend. We stayed till close. And then I came back the next day. Twice. MAZA Espresso Bar is a beautifully crafted espresso bar with  modern touch in the West Village. The copper… Read more »

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