Eat, London, 2014-08-25

The best ceviche in Europe

Making ceviche is a serious business in Peru. Ceviche is the Peruvian national dish of fish, marinated in lime juice, chilli and salt. When travelling through the country last year, we ate it in several cities. It’s really refreshing and you never get bored of it. Everything you need to know about Peruvian food is in the dish.

I really like ceviche, and I especially liked Ceviche. The London (Soho) based restaurant has its own ceviche and Pisco Sour bar, and they succeed in offering you innovative varieties of the popular Peruvian dish.

We kicked off with a Pisco sour, a delicious cocktail that contains an egg-white, and which has to be the second most addictive thing ever to come out of Peru. We tried out several dishes such as the lovely Don Ceviche: fresh seabass ceviche in amarillo chilli tiger’s milk, radish,limo chilli, sweet potato and red onions. Cóctel el Tigre contains seabass, diver-caught scallop, tigers prawn, pisco, avocado, seabass tiger’s milk and tomato. Wow, did they taste good!

The restaurant is rather small but it’s truly charming and it has a buzzy atmosphere. It really reminded me of “cevicherias” in Peru, but with a nice London twist such as the small plates for sharing and the way dishes are presented. You can have a lovely dinner with big bold flavours for reasonable prices.

I left the restaurant with a smile, and all I wanted was either to go back to the restaurant or to visit Peru again. Visiting London and Ceviche is probably likelier. You might not find better ceviche in Europe. I’m not kidding.