NYC, 2015-11-16



New York has plenty of everything. Shops, restaurants, taxi’s, work out spots, juice bars and coffee shops. Sometimes all of these in the same place. At least half of my dates are coffee or juice dates so it was only a matter of time before the green (juice) would meet the coffee. It’s this thing called matcha and my new favorite place CHALAIT.

Get it iced, hot, as a latte or just as a shot. It’s kinda like coffee except it’s technically tea and it’s green. And I love it. Matcha is Japanese grown tea that is especially grown and processed. It’s a great alternative to coffee yet it always gives me the same pick-me-up and leaves me feeling pretty great.

Located in the West village on a small corner with large windows it’s the perfect spot to catch a quick break and soak up some sunrays. They serve breakfast, sandwiches, coffee, tea and juice next to the matcha. It’s not the place to lounge for hours but it’s a great little spot if you have some ti,e in between or when you’re passing by. And for their matcha lattes, I’d go out of my way too. Chalait is like your neighborhood coffee shop but on a fancy corner in NYC serving their signature line of matcha green tea. There’s only one so far but if you ask me, it’s a great one.

No more excuses to not get your green on!