Dessert, Make, 2016-12-05

Cold nights call for hot chocolate

We’ve covered cookies but now let’s get into the serious stuff: hot chocolate. Powered hot chocolate is an easy fix for your craving but will not satisfy as much as a proper home-made one. Some of you might have seen the recent IKEA collaboration on their Facebook page so you’ll know that I love a nice hot drink. Honestly, a hot chocolate really is my favourite but the amount of chocolate needs to be right! That’s why I love these chocolate milk cubes, home-made, ready to use and they look cute. You can also prepare them in a wooden spoon so you just have to stir the spoon to get the perfect hot chocolate, they are easier to preserve in the fridge as well!




How do you make it?

1. Break or chop the chocolate into pieces for melting

2. Melt au-bain-marie until you get a smooth texture
3. Stir in Cocoa powder and powdered sugar

4. Transfer the chocolate into the freezer bag. This is easily done when you use a tall glass as a holder for the bag. Cut off the corner of the bag and start filling the ice-tube trays or wooden spoons with the chocolate mixture.

5. Give it a minute to rest and smooth out the top with a spoon.

6. Add topping if you are using them.
7. Carefully insert the lollipop sticks or BBQ sticks.

8. Refrigerate for 45 minutes

9. Test if they have a firm texture if it feels good, carefully push them out of the molt.
10. Warm 200ml (per serving, 100ml per spoon) of hazelnut milk, pour it in a cup and stir a chocolate dipper to prepare your rich and creamy hot chocolate. They are also great to wrap as a gift!