Drinks, Make, 2015-07-27

For my second installment of Cîroc cocktails, I kept it simple and classy. I based my recipe off of the Cîroc Lola but I cut out the juice and replaced the elderflower liqueur with this lovely pear & elderflower posh pop from Breckland Orchard. The pear works wonderfully with the champagne. I had never heard of Breckland Orchard before but I was immediately drawn to their cute designs on the bottles. The taste certainly doesn’t dissapoint either. Straight from the UK and only available in small shops or online. (Belgian folks, head on over to Dille & Kamille)

How do you make it? 

1. Before you do anything, make sure to pre-chill your glass. We kept our glasses in the freezer for a good 15 to 20 minutes at least.

2. Fill up your shaker with ice. Add 5cl of Cîroc Vodka and 10 cl of Breckland Orchards Pear&Elderflower Posh Pop.

3. Make sure you don’t shake ! All you need to do is strain your drink into your pre-chilled glasses.

4. Top with Champagne (or whatever kind of bubbles you’re into really) and you’re done !

love, l.
pictures by myself & Bas Van Hoof.

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