Ghent, 2014-01-06

Clouds in My Coffee is one of the most popular coffee bars in Ghent. If you follow locals on Instagram, you would have probably seen a food pic from this place. We hadn’t been there and it was still on my list. So on the last Sunday of 2013, we had to have brunch at ‘Clouds In My Coffee’.


‘Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know.’

Indeed, it is not located in the centre of Ghent, but it is a place where everybody feels welcome, young and old, with a short or maybe a very long beard. Anyway, it is worth the effort to search through Ghent Dampoort for this coffee bar.

At Clouds we were presented with honest and delightful quiches, luscious toasts and dazzling breakfasts, with exceptional names like ‘I love you a latte’ and ‘Fine little day’. The super friendly waiters presented also the accompanying biological juices, different kinds of beer and off course the super tasty and delicious smelling coffees.

Beside the delicious food and tasty coffee, Clouds in my coffee also has some extra assets. The cozy interior, made by Maurice Mentjens, welcomes you to enjoy your meal or coffee break. All of this accompanied by a great choice of music. For those who look to snoop around, there is a pop-up store by I Object with Interior gadgets. It is fair to say that the young and trendy staff goes the extra mile for their customers. During our brunch the staff sang a birthday song for a young woman, it sure put a smile on our faces.

Clouds in my coffee, a happy ‘quicheyear’ and we will meet again in 2014!


Clouds In My Coffee
Dendermondsesteenweg 104,
9000 Ghent,

closed on Monday