Meal, 2015-12-14

You can never go wrong with soup

This holiday season I am testing Kitchenaid’s brand new Cook Processor. Personally I used to be quite sceptic about these type of machines, but Kitchenaid succeeded in creating a wonderful set accompanied with delicious recipes. This is key to making this machine a success. Using the recipes as a base to create your own ideas. The Artisan Cook Processor is the perfect helping hand in your kitchen to make sure your dinner a success.

A creamy bowl of soup is a good starter for your Christmas dinner. Served with some fresh bread, which you can also make with the Kitchenaid Cook Processor, and a twirl of cream for a festive touch. I based this recipe on one from the Kitchenaid website but added my own ingredients, such as butternut squash and cilantro. When it comes to spices I think it’s better to season to taste.  Making soup in this machine is ridiculously easy, you just have to be sure you season enough. While you are busy setting your table, the machine works its magic.


How do you make it?

1. Insert the ‘Multiblade‘ into the bowl. Add the onion and ginger. Close the lid. Press Pulse for 5 seconds. Open and scrape down. Add the carrots, butternut squash, stock cube, water and cilantro to the bowl. I dissolve the stock in the hot water before I add those two ingredients, but this is optional. Close the lid. Select BOIL P1 and press Start to begin the cooking process.

2. Press cancel to exit the keep warm mode.  Set the timer to 2-3 minutes, press Start and slowly increase the speed to 10. Have a taste and add the amount of spices to your liking. After this you can add some cream and close the lid again. Pulse until you have reached the desired consistency for your soup. You can also add some extra water if you think it’s too thick. Season to taste with pepper and salt and finish with fresh cilantro.

You can prepare this soup a day in advance and heat it up before dinner. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.