Drinks, Watch, 2015-07-13

Angel Share’s famous cocktail

This Summer I will share with you a series about cocktails served to you by Didier from Dogma Cocktails. This young talented bartender has a passion for our favorite kind of drinks and he wants to share his secrets with you! So we created this mini series together for you to enjoy. Make sure to drop by his beautiful cocktail bar in Antwerp, believe me it’s worth it. Not only delicious but also very entertaining. This Monday we’ll make a Dahoud, a recipe all the way from NYC’s Angel Share.


Steps you need to follow

We’ve summed up the steps you need to follow, but for more detailed instructions you’ll have to watch the video. (I’ve added the time codes so you can skip if you want)

1. Prepare the garnish one week in advance, one month for the best result. (01:25 – 02:50)

2. Prepare the cinnamon and clove to add a smoked flavour to your snifter glass, but don’t start yet (02:55- 04:35)

3. One by one add the liquid ingredients to your mixing glass: 3 drops of Jerry Thomas decanter bitter, 45ml of Bulleit rye whiskey, 15ml of Oloroso sherry & 22 ml of d.o.m Benedictine liqueur. (04:35 – 8:00)

4. Add the ice cubes and stir, check Didier’s tip before using ice cubes (8:00 – 10:00)

5: Smoke your glass. (10:00 – 11:30)

6. add the garnish. (11:30 – 12:20)